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Here are our highlights for 2021

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The last 12 months have been busy. We’re focused on raising the standard of our products and continuing to help you improve your direct sales. It’s with this goal in mind that we’ve developed all these new features this year.  Review them and make sure you’re taking advantage of them!

Booking engine improvements                           

New upselling of rooms

In order to allow you to benefit from the significant advantages of upselling (revenue, loyalty, satisfaction), we’ve developed a new room upselling tool. In addition, we’ve added customisation features and improved information storage on the extranet, and we’ve added the ability to apply discounts and freebies and link them to your loyalty programme.  These developments have a direct impact on your bottom line:  by quantifying its performance, we’ve concluded that it increases total revenue by 1% without increasing operating costs and reduces intermediation costs, which translates into a 2.66% increase in GOP.

Loyalty programme

We hope that after explaining why your hotel or chain needs a loyalty programme, you decided to launch one. This year we wanted to make it even better by adding:


We’ve added the ability to associate them with board bases so that they’re displayed only when the customer has selected them.

Collection/payment options

The PSD2 regulation raised many questions, and, with its entry into force on 1 January, it was necessary to be in compliance. But between the complexity of the issue and the number of alternatives on the market, it wasn’t easy to choose. At the end of last year, we provided you with a guide to choose the best option for your hotel. On our end, we’ve done our homework and fully integrated a wide range of options. These are the new payment platforms Mirai has integrated:

Criptan, offering the ability to pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and the platforms Paycomet, Sipay, Checkout and Paylands by PaynoPain, which in turn allow payments via other platforms such as PayPal, Bizum, Giropay, iDeal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna and Sofort.

These join the ones we already offered (AddonPayments, which also allows alternative payment methods such as Apple Pay, PayPal, Sofort and WeChat, amongst others),  Amazon Pay, Redsys, Paybox, Verifone, Reduniq, Multipagos BBVA – Bancomer (Mexico) and Cardnet (Dominican Republic). This wide range allows you to compare and choose the ones that best meet your and your customers’ needs.

Flight + hotel technology on your website

After reaching an agreement with Onlinetravel, part of the Destinia Group, we’ve integrated their technology into our engine so that you can offer the option of flight + hotel or train + hotel bookings on your website, competing directly with channels that have traditionally sold packages, thereby saving costs and building loyalty.

And for chains…

We’ve recently revamped the results from chain hotel websites when searching for accommodation in each destination. We’ve modernised it by providing a map view and better pricing details and highlighting loyalty programme discounts.

Secure management

As a display of our commitment to security in view of constant phishing attacks by cybercriminals, we’ve integrated two-factor authentication for accessing the Mirai extranet.

Reports, analytics and BI

We’ve always maintained that well-structured data collection and analysis are key to more effective decision-making. That’s why we’ve invested a lot of effort, resources and enthusiasm into optimising our Business Intelligence tool:


We welcome anything that we can integrate into your sales system to improve your direct sales. This year, we’ve integrated:

Web design

We’re proud of the websites that launched this year. Have we done XX? Here are some of them:

Our blog

27 posts, 7 authors and 17 years old. These are the most liked posts of 2021, and here are all of them.

Our blog forces us to research, analyse, comment and organise ideas, so it’s a learning opportunity for us. In 2022 we’ll continue to write about the topics we think will interest you most, but if you have any suggestions, we’d like to hear from you.

The Mirai team

The Mirai team has grown, with 31 new members across all our departments. Our biggest teams are in account management and digital marketing, dedicated to giving you the best digital business strategy advice (you may have heard us say that ‘without a good distribution plan, the best technology and the best design are worthless’).

In addition, just over three months ago, Javier Delgado Muerza joined our management team as CEO of EMEA. Together with Pablo Delgado, he’ll spearhead Mirai’s growth and tackle the many challenges lying ahead.

And for 2022…

…we’ll continue to strengthen our team and consolidate the pillars of our product so that you can continue to reinforce your direct sales. Without going into details (we wouldn’t want to spoilers it for you), we’ll continue to create opportunities to build loyalty, add new payment methods, expand integrations, further improve our BI to facilitate your decision-making, enable users to modify bookings, and much more. We’re already working on it… You’ll hear more soon.

Any suggestions?

If you’d like to see a specific feature, let you know here and we’ll keep it in mind.

So… did we help you this year?

We can’t wait to hear your opinion.