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Mirai’s Blog 2021: Our most-read posts

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As is tradition at Mirai, near the end of the year we are launching a compilation of the most liked posts. Keep up to date with the industry trends!

header 10 post miraiMirai introduces native ads Mirai 10 most3 Google free booking links Mirai postdirect selling MiraiGoogle free booking links Miraitripadvisor plus reward model MiraiGoogle Hotel Ads adds children filter Mirai postdirect sales quota after pandemic Mirai doing while lockdownincrease in revenue of a good room upselling strategy

There are many other topics from previous years that continue to get a lot of readership and arouse a lot of interest. Look for the ones that interest you by clicking on the tags or in the search engine at the top right of the Blog.

In order to make our posts we research, analyze, give our opinion and organize our ideas, so thanks to our Blog, we are also enriched! It will be a pleasure to continue learning with you!

If you want to give us some ideas of topics you would like us to write about, you can do it here.  

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