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Mirai integrates with Sipay as a payment platform for hotels

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As part of our recent efforts to incorporate the best payment solutions for hotels, we have completed our integration with Sipay, an important platform that solves not only hotel payment needs, but also lets them validate credit cards as a guarantee without having to charge the cards, and incorporate alternative payment options such as PayPal and Bizum. All this, always in compliance with PCI and PSD2.

If you are interested in hiring its services, contact Sipay directly: sipay@sipay.es

This is how Sipay described the integration, in their own words:

Sipay is a Spanish payment platform with more than 25 years’ experience, providing users with added value throughout the payment process.

We have worked for important clients on both a national and an international level from all kinds of sectors, always improving their user experience and helping them increase sales through solutions that make payment processes almost invisible. What’s more, the wide range of alternative payment methods available beyond credit cards makes the service appear more trustworthy to the end consumer when it comes to making a purchase.

How to we help businesses comply with the PSD2 and PCI DSS regulations?

Since the recent implementation of PSD2, several challenges and questions have arisen in the tourism field on account of its complexity, as it involves many different types of players and transactions. Some of them include the so-called MO/TO (Mail Order / Telephone Order), charging for no-shows or bookings made through corporate credit cards. All this makes it all the more challenging to implement an SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) that will cause as little friction as possible to the user, which means that hiring an expert in the matter will be essential.

With our extensive knowledge of the payment method sector and the regulations that apply, at Sipay we can make adapting to PSD2 bring more opportunities than threats to businesses, aiming to harmonise compliance with the regulation, safety and user experience while helping businesses to increase their sales and turn users into regular customers.

We are also committed to renovating every year the PSI DSS certification to its latest version. We currently have 24 solutions certified by the highest standards of safety in the field of payment methods for its latest version.

What does Sipay offer to the hotel sector?

Hotel chains must have a payment processor that adapts to their business’ needs. Thanks to Sipay’s integration with Mirai’s booking engine, the tourist sector will have a perfect unified solution for managing the day-to-day payments of their hotels’ direct sales.

This way, every hotel that works with Mirai will have the possibility of letting its travellers pay using their preferred payment method. With Sipay, hotels can offer several payment methods that facilitate and improve the end user’s experience, showing the one that best suits their needs and preferences (with different types, technologies, brands and card geographic scopes, as well as alternative local payment methods such as Bizum, Wechat Pay and Alipay and global ones such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay, among others).

On top of this, one of the many features that Mirai offers its clients through Sipay is tokenisation. This solution lets us safely store the credit card information indicated by the user during the payment process in the booking engine, speeding up future purchases. In short, faster and easier bookings are now possible thanks to this technology.

On the other hand, as the tourist sector has clients from other countries that use different currencies, DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) is another feature that lets foreign consumers pay using their own currency. With this solution, clients all over the world will feel more comfortable and safer when it comes to paying.

In short, providing better management and technology in the payment process is the goal we pursue with this strategic alliance between Sipay and Mirai, focused on finding the best possible experience for booking engine clients.