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New Payment Methods (Apple Pay, PayPal, Sofort or WeChat) and Multi-Currency Payment: all these novelties and more are now integrated into your Mirai booking engine

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In order to keep providing solutions to our clients so they can improve their payment management while offering their own clients new, increasingly popular payment methods, we have integrated an improved version of the payment gateway Addon Payments (en español) by Comercia Global Payments into our booking engine.

And let us not forget that 31 December 2020 is the new date of application of PSD2, a regulation that will bring about significant changes for e-commerce and will have a greater impact on merchant models like OTAs. But PSD2 will have repercussions on direct channels as well, as we have explained in the past.

What novelties does the incorporation of Addon Payments bring?

From now on, you will be able to use the following services:

  • New AFR (Alternative Forms of Payments): You will be able to let your clients choose to pay via PayPal, WeChat, Sofort or Apple Pay, among others.

AFR Alternative Forms of Payments - Mirai Addon

  • The client can pay in his preferred currency (DCC, Dynamic Currency Conversion): Your clients can pay in their preferred currency or in the currency used by your business. When travellers select their own currency, they will see the same amount reflected in their credit card statement. This increases their trust and therefore your conversion rate. This is useful for those who like to have everything under control.

DCC Dynamic Currency Conversion - Mirai Addon paymant methods

  • Tokenise and encrypt (at no extra cost) your bookings with flexible rates: By activating the Open To Buy (OTB) service you can validate the cards you receive to guarantee a booking with an authorisation for zero value (that is, there is no need to charge €1 and return it, as was usually done at your expense). By reducing the process to a single transaction, further on you will be able to charge the booking, perform extra charges in case of no-show and manage fractionated payments by using this card token from the Addon Payments console.
  • Safer payments: Thanks to this change, the hotel will now be ready to comply with strong customer authentication (SCA), thus being able to easily tell whether a card uses 3DS1 or 3DS2 and guaranteeing compliance with the European payment regulation PSD2.

Can I use all these Addon Payments improvements if I don’t work with Caixabank?

Yes, that’s not a problem. The Payments global trade gateway is compatible with other national and European institutions.

If I already use Addon Payments, will this increase my fee?

No, and if you already use Addon Payments the change is performed instantly at no cost whatsoever and your fee remains the same. Each alternative payment method has its own usage fees that are added to the transaction.

I want to use this new version of Addon Payments. What should I do?

Ask your account manager what steps to follow. You will also be sent the contact information of an Addon Payments contact person to get all the necessary information.


*The fund protection system chosen by Comercia Global Payments, Entidad de Pago, S.L. for its clients is their deposit in a separate account opened at CaixaBank. S.A.