Having the right distribution strategy makes a difference


Are you taking advantage of technology and market changes?

At Mirai we help you take control & maximize your revenues.

What do we offer?

E-commerce, Direct sales and Distribution consulting.

Learn more about the turnaround in the competitive situation of Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts



The Covid pandemic has marked a turning point in tourism

This situation has accelerated online sales and strengthened direct channels. This “reboot” is the perfect time to adapt and make the necessary changes to take advantage of these trends.

Changes to tackle improvement areas such as:

  • Excessively high distribution costs
  • Overdependence on some channels
  • Unfair terms restricting the direct sale
  • Uncontrolled distribution, frequent disparities
  • Excess of distributors that don’t bring any added value in certain markets
  • The pricing structure is not in line with current channel and market dynamics
  • Lack of a clear Direct Selling and Digital Marketing strategy
  • Absence of connected metasearch engines such as Google Hotel Ads


Lean teams

But with full knowledge to cover each project.

Consensual work plan

Adjusted according to the progress.

Constant communication

Smooth bidirectional communication and frequent deliverables.

Online documentation

Online documentation shared with client.


Ongoing projects

Bahía Príncipe

Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts: New Distribution strategy & sustainable direct sales growth

Barceló Group

Barceló Hotels & Resorts: Metasearch connectivity & performance Audit

At Mirai we work for your direct sales to successfully compete with OTAs.

Learn more about the turnaround in the competitive situation of Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts


Six reasons for choosing Mirai

  • 1

    Because we have more than25 years of experienceand we are leaders in Spain in our field. We also have 12 offices in Spain, France, Portugal, USA and Mexico.

  • 2

    Because we are specialists in direct sales and our main objetive is to reduce distribution costs. That’s what we do.

  • 3

    Because we are supported by ourknowledge, which we publish in a reference blog for the mainstream media in the sector (Skift, Hosteltur, Phocuswire, Tecnohotel, SmartTravel…)

  • 4

    Because we have a multidisciplinary teamof senior profiles with a lot of experience and who usually participate in main forums of the industry (HSMAI, Hedna…)

  • 5

    Because we are specialists in the technology needed to achieve a purchasing process with the best possible conversion.

  • 6

    Because we are backed by a multitude of proven success stories and a large portfolio of clients with 3400 hotels in more than 10 markets.

Things are changing for vacation hotels. Mirai can help you.

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We find the strategy that best suits you

Sales do not just increase with the implementation of technology and design. The most important tool is a sound commercial sales plan.

Increase your profit and obtain more independence

We get involved in results. In fact, we only win if you win.

Pablo Delgado

“When you win, we win”

“We are not simply a technological or design company nor do we just do online marketing.

We provide a comprehensive solution that covers these aspects, but we add the know-how and training to get the most out of them.

Direct sales is not technology. Direct sales is strategy supported by a solid platform. Without a strategy, technology is pointless.”

Pablo Delgado, CEO of Mirai

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