Mission: what we believe, and what we pursue


We want to transform the industry

Mirai is the hotelier’s partner in the common objective of maximising the potential of direct sales, commercial independence, reduction of distribution costs and access without intermediaries to the highest number of potential clients, always within the general framework that these actions contribute to increase the hotel’s profits.

In order to achieve these targets, we cover three essential areas:

  • 1

    Creation and maintenance of the hotel’s direct sales platform (website, mobile, reservation system, etc.) with the best technology, design and service.

  • 2

    Visibility and marketing in order to take this platform to the customer.

  • 3

    And, above all, conception and carrying out of the sales strategy and its commercialisation together with the hotelier. Actions that are in the hotel’s hands, but which are essential to achieve results.

Mirai was founded back in 1995 in Madrid (Spain) and became a leading company in online distribution and the direct channel. In 2023 it handled bookings worth 1000 million dollars, reflecting an annual growth of 28%.