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This is how Mirai has integrated with Paylands, PaynoPain’s payment gateway

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We recently wrote about Mirai’s many integrations with several payment platforms, in the context of the adaptation to PSD2. To learn more about each one of them, we started by asking PaynoPain to tell us how their platform works and how hotels can benefit from it.


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Paynopain provides services in several countries.

These are their exact words…

Since PSD2 was announced almost three years ago, the hotel sector has faced many challenges, as the new European guideline directly affects card payments made through direct channels and, to a lesser degree, through indirect channels.

All this time, we payment gateways like Paylands by PaynoPain have concentrated our efforts not only in complying with the requirements of the new 3DS2 payment protocol, but also in finding solutions to these challenges in order to help our partners like Mirai to reduce the impact involved in increasing the number of steps the client must perform while carrying out his booking on the hotel’s website and engine.

What do we do at PaynoPain to facilitate adapting to PSD2?

At PaynoPain, we have focused on solving the process for obtaining an SCA, and have also developed a Proxy PCI so that we can help both our partner and the hotel, through their channel or PMS, to reduce and in some cases eliminate altogether the storing of cards in their system.

We should not forget that before PSD2 it was already important to comply with the requirements of the PCI cards’ data protection regulations, and the interconnectivity between our payment gateway Paylands and our Proxy PCI increases the hotel’s opportunities when managing card information.

Thanks to these technical capabilities, but mostly to the perfect compression of the direct channel offered by Mirai, we will activate transactional capabilities that will not only help comply with the regulation but also improve the booking experience to minimise the loss of bookings due to a drawn-out payment experience on the booking engine.

What does Paylands offer the hotel sector?

One of the most important features offered by Paylands is the ability to validate and tokenise the transaction of a European card without needing an SCA. This will allow Mirai to carry out the booking without having to ask the client for a two-factor authentication, thus reducing the number of lost bookings due to an overlong or complicated booking experience caused by requesting two keys, fingerprints or any other process that the European card issuer may request from the card holder.


We can provide this solution without needing to hotel to open a registered office outside of Europe thanks to our connection with several international acquirers and payment processors. These connections allow us to provide a simpler way of obtaining bookings, similarly to how it was done years ago, when the card was requested as a guarantee without having to make a transaction, only in this case by performing a transaction of just a few cents to validate that the card is real, works, and is not blacklisted.

This will allow the hotel to send an email, before releasing the booking, using this token we will have previously lifted without an SCA to request the SCA and thus be able to send authenticated transactions in accordance with the regulation. And even though it is only a two-step asynchronous process, it is still preferable to risking losing the booking, the investment in marketing and the revenue goal only because of a bad payment authentication experience.

We also make it easier for the hotel to send the link to authenticate the card via SMS or e-mail directly from the control panel of the payment gateway used by the hotel, without needing any extra integrations.

Last but not least, we are also in the process of helping the hotel’s entire supply chain – in this case through Mirai –, its main connected channels, and the PMS’s of its hoteliers to transfer SCA authentication codes to the PMS. This is key for the PMS to be able to guarantee it charges properly without the risk of guests denying responsibility for no-shows, consumptions in the hotel or any other necessary extra charge.

The PMS must be able to use this SCA, the code that is required when sending a Merchant Initiated Transaction (MIT). Charging with a “Not safe” protocol is not an option anymore as they do not exist in the EU since the entry into force of PSD2. Now this new type of MIT transaction must be sent indicating that it is a NO-SHOW, a mark or “flag” for which including the SCA code is required.

What does Mirai do if no-shows have to be charged?

Using our Proxy PCI lets you safely send this PMS code, be it directly or via the channel. This way, the PMS can send the MIT with the necessary information, thus guaranteeing the no-show is charged. This is the result of a team effort spearheaded by PaynoPain.

Beyond credit card payments, we will make it easier for Mirai to receive payments made through Bizum, Sofort, iDeal and more. By mid-year, we will also have included Apple and Google Pay.

Other Paylands features

Lastly, other useful and important improvements include our ability to group all of a chain’s hotels into a single control panel, enabling the interoperability of card tokens between hotels or several brands; the ability to create users for managing transactions with various roles, thus controlling the different accesses the hotelier may need to create reports, send mails with links, returns, charges or programme partial payments should the hotel want to offer it to its clients. We also offer IVR (telephone) payments and many other features that streamline a hotel’s payment options.

For us, as a fintech company, this is a great opportunity to be able to work hand in hand with companies like Mirai, companies that beyond their technical capabilities have a broad business vision as well as a constant interest in discovering how to improve the experience of their hotelier clients and of the travellers who use their booking engines. That is why at PaynoPain we are committed to this important synergy for providing clients the latest technological solutions available on the national and international market.