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Mirai 2022 Blog: these are our 10 most-read posts

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Would you like to know which topics are of most interest in hotel distribution? OTAs, metasearch engines, Google, profitability… Take a look at the TOP 10 most-read posts on our blog and catch up on any you missed!

1- Understanding’s shift to the merchant model and a roadmap for hotels to compete with it, by Pablo Delgado. has done it again: make you see as an opportunity something that will grant you dependency and a rise on the OTA costs. How should you adapt your strategy to compete with this “new”

2- Parity is over. Defining a new pricing strategy with and Expedia, by Pablo Delgado.

Having inventory and price parity in your online distribution is no longer a valid strategy. How should you redefine your relationship with OTAs in order to grow your direct channel and reduce your dependency?

3- Net ADR: the most important KPI you should pay attention to, by Pablo Delgado.

A guide to carrying out a rigorous analysis of the net ADR of your distribution channels, allowing you to determine their actual profitability.

4- A Handbook on Hotel Distribution in the 21st Century, by Marta Romero.

To define a healthy channel mix, we need a good understanding of how each channel works. This overview of the key terms in hotel distribution will help you determine the right dose of each channel you need to add to improve your distribution strategy.

5- Three hurdles to direct sales, by Pablo Delgado.

When trying to book a room on your website, your customers have to overcome many hurdles. Eliminating them should be your priority as it will increase your direct sales.

6- trivago improves its CPA or commissions programme and will take cancellations into account (Net CPA), by Paola Romero.

trivago brings a simpler, more transparent and secure model for hotels and evolves its Gross CPA model into a Net CPA model.

7- Why setting a fixed budget for your paid campaigns is damaging your business, by Sergio Tomás.

Limiting your marketing budget may seem like a way to control spending, but it puts a cap on our direct sales potential. What opportunities might we miss out on?

8- Bing Hotel Price Ads, a new showcase for your direct sales, by Paola Romero.

Bing HPA offers you another showcase to reach many users who are not on Google and who now end up with the OTAs, the only channels currently bidding on your hotel.

9- Understand and make the most of your demand data, by Pablo Sánchez.

When analysing your direct sales, don’t overlook the booking request data provided through your engine, both total requests and those you are unable to fulfil. You’ll find that they provide you with a lot of information that offer clues to opportunities for improvement.

10- Hotel Digital Marketing interviews, episode 4: an overview of the marketing funnel, by Pau Siquier.

Our Digital Marketing Director, Pau Siquier, and Trevor Grant, from Revenue Hub, discuss in this video the stages of the marketing funnel and review some Digital Marketing keys to optimize direct sales.

These are the most-read posts of 2022, but there are still posts from other years that remain very popular, such as What was doing to gain market share while we were all in lockdown, by Marta Romero, which made it into our top 10 this year.

If you want to find a post or read about the hotel distribution topics that interest you, simply look for our tags using the search function on our blog.

Stay tuned, because we’re already researching and developing new topics to help you optimize your distribution in 2023. If you have any ideas, please feel free to share them with us.

Thanks for reading our blog!