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  • Pablo Delgado

    After developing the first online booking engine back in 1996, he has 20 years of experience in online hotel distribution. After completing his background with an MBA by Darden Business School - University of Virginia, Pablo returns as CEO of Mirai in 2006 to become an expert in boosting direct sales, reducing OTA dependency and increasing hotel profitability (GOP or Gross operating profit).

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  • César López

    Head of Mirai’s message definition and services as well as establishing the requirements for each new development based on the knowledge of the final client, the needs of the hotel and those of Mirai. He is also in charge of the communication to all of those parties. These functions are based on previous experience in the hotel industry, marketing and distribution.

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  • Pau Siquier

    Pau leads the Online Marketing department at Mirai. Passionate about his work and with a strong business sense, he has more than 15 years of experience in B2C E-Commerce and he focuses not only on results but also on a careful team management. His mission at Mirai aims at developing the digital marketing service line in order to achieve the maximum level of excellence.

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  • Pablo Sánchez

    Pablo is the head of Mirai Consulting, our bid to capitalise on Mirai's knowledge and experience in the field of hotel distribution, direct sales and digital marketing. Its goal: to help the hotel industry transform its marketing and improve its profitability.

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  • Paola Romero

    Paola always developed her professional career in technological firms but with links to the hotel industry, which makes her a hotelier at heart. In recent years, she specialised in the field of metasearchers, thus helping hoteliers to get the most out of their campaigns. She brings her knowledge of the channel to the internal development of Mirai Metasearch and Mirai Digital services.

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  • Isabel Rey

    Always engaged with the world of marketing, Isabel is in charge of giving visibility to the work of the whole company to current and potential clients through events, news stories and articles written by the company itself or by specialised media, coordinating its management and organisation as well as transmitting corporate culture.

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  • Pablo Delgado y César López

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  • María Saldaña

    María ha trabajado siempre en departamentos de marketing, comunicación y eventos. Complementa ADE con diseño gráfico y web, lo que la posiciona siempre cercana al branding, e imagen corporativa enfocado a la consecución de resultados. La identidad visual es su parte favorita

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  • Javier Delgado

    Javier has been working since the late 90s in different areas of tourism, mostly in its technological side: in 2011, after 8 years working in various positions of responsibility at Expedia, he joined Google, where he was responsible for the travel vertical in Spain until 2018. After that, he moved to Iberostar, where he led the technological and commercial areas of the hotel chain for three years. Since 2021, he brings all this expertise as its CEO EMEA, leading the company’s growth and setting its course.

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  • Daniel Badenas y Pablo Delgado

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  • Fran Diéguez

    Revenue, números, soluciones imaginativas, nuevos enfoques y tecnología, ¡mucha tecnología! Divertido, innovador y siempre dispuesto a colaborar, Fran es pura pasión y se nota en todo lo que hace.

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  • Thalula Begara

    Thalula is a journalist who decided to work in marketing due to her pure passion for it. She loves seeing how people react to marketing actions and is an expert in CPC campaigns, web analytics and email marketing, although she is always open to trying new ways of generating sales.

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  • Sergio Tomas Rasero

    With a background in journalism and experience in the world of marketing agencies, Sergio is in charge of managing CPC campaigns for hotels, providing a strategic vision and helping to scale results in a controlled way. Thanks to his adaptability, he always strives to discover new market opportunities in order to diversify demand acquisition and improve hotels' overall performance.

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  • Simon Barreiro

    Simón has been working in the tourism sector for more than 15 years, holding positions of responsibility in both large multinational hotel companies and Startups with great projection, but always focused on optimizing profitability through Revenue Management, hotel distribution and digital marketing.

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