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Everything we have developed in 2020 and what we are working on now

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developments Mirai 2020

We haven’t stopped. Despite the difficulties, this year Mirai has decided to keep on developing in order to offer an even better product. There have been many improvements these past months, and plenty more projects are under way.

Here is a long list of our different developments. Take a look because you will likely benefit from many of them:

New features to complement the booking engine

Loyalty club for hotels and chains. One of our biggest projects of the year. With Mirai you can now create and manage a loyalty club with all the necessary features. More information.

Online store for hotels and chains. Don’t just sell rooms. We give you the basis for offering other products online. More information (en español).

Postpone bookings: In response to the pandemic, in spring we made it possible for both hotels and customers to postpone their reservations. More information.

Integration with chats and chatbots: through several companies you can now offer this advanced service. More information.


For easier, complete management

More markets to segment and new currencies supported by the engine. More information.

Integration with Cendyn CRM More information

Now you can choose not to show rooms that accommodate more people than the amount requested by the customer More information.

Closing a sales date now displays a notification to ask if you are sure, explaining what it is, to avoid unintentional closures.

More complete cancellation emails to the hotel: they now include all reservation details.

Cancellations by the hotel. In each reservation in the extranet, it is now possible to cancel any reservation easily.

Many more options for pricing by period in the extranet:  Now you have all kinds of extras, variations according to occupancy, percentage, quantity, etc.  


Marketing and better measuring

Mirai Digital. Our marketing team offers services of the highest standard, specialising in the hotel sector. Now available for any chain or hotel. More information.  

Mirai Business Intelligence. Introducing Mirai BI, all the data you need to optimise your direct sales at the click of a button. More information

Mirai Data Layer. We have expanded and collected the available parameters to better measure what happens in the different steps of the booking engine. More information.

Mirai Tracking: an internal restructuring of the parameters we collect, which helps us to keep everything more organised all in one place.  

Demand logs: we are starting to collect these in all hotels to find out the exact demand in terms of occupancy and rooms.

Monthly reports: rates breakdown now includes the “stripped-down” rates. Before, only the offers appeared as such. No rates were collected without offers.

Date cookies are now collected by domain rather than by sub-domain.

Integration with Koddi. Mirai features the Koddi Enterprise platform to maximise the visibility of hotels on metasearch engines, improving the return on marketing investment. More information.

Integration with Triptease Triptease and Mirai integrate to enhance success in metasearch engines.

Google Property Promotion Ads, now available for Mirai clients More information.


Improvements to the booking engine to increase conversion

Better quality images of rooms. More information

3D virtual tours of rooms. With First View you can now show this fantastic format. More information.

Videos of rooms. If you have videos, show them in the engine.

Our facilities and room service icons. More information.

More visible babies policy. Now the engine shows it more clearly More information.

Resort fees supported and clearly displayed. More information.

Engine “steps” indication This year our engine shows the user which step they are in and how many steps they have left. More information.

“Other conditions” of the reservation. A text field where any other information that the customer should know is included. More information.


Countless other improvements and adjustments:

  • We added a description of the room in the desktop version, in the visible results
  • We added arrows to the photo carousel in the mobile version
  • We removed the information icon next to the payment cancellation policy, because it did not actually contain any more information
  • On mobile, we now use the text “Rate details”, instead of a little icon with a + sign
  • We eliminated an unnecessary step: “We don’t have exactly what you’re looking for”, on desktop, when requesting an occupancy that is not possible. The message is now integrated into the results
  • Improved usability when choosing occupancy: now it is no longer necessary to hit the Confirm button when the occupancy, age and number of rooms selector is displayed
  • Promotional code discount explained in a more eye-catching way. A label now appears with the percentage applied and the code.
  • Imperial system is supported (feet and inches), not only metric decimal, when showing room surface and bed width.
  • Mobile: the room type does not disappear when scrolling, but now stays in place at the top of the screen
  • We also included an explanation of the promotional code discount applied on the reservation form. The same label, with the same content
  • New label explaining the club discount. With a format similar to that of code discount and that will appear in the same places. This will be uploaded as soon as we have the linear club discount, which is explained below.
  • We added subtotal price by room-rate on the Reservation Form >> Summary of what is to be booked: A small piece of information that until now was not displayed and completes the exact details of the reservation about to be made.
  • New block “You are saving X euros with offer” …or with promotional code or with club, or all of them.
  • Strikethrough on the original price: new explanation. Now an icon appears, “ⓘ”, and a tooltip with an explanation
  • Alternative hotels if not available: if they are apartments they are now indicated as such, which was not the case before
  • Price “from” now takes into account if a promotional code has been entered, in destination results
  • Flexible policies now stand out more. We have given them a different colour to make them more visible


What we are working on

We are making progress in several areas and have big projects over the following months. Here’s what’s coming next: We will make it easier for you to adapt to the imminent PSD2 regulation. We are integrating with several payment gateways that address this need, in addition to other services such as alternative payment methods and charging in the customer’s currency.


What would you like us to develop?

Tell us here and we will take it on board