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Triptease and Mirai integrate systems to enhance success in metasearch engines

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Online hotel distribution is currently going through a major transformation. OTAs are losing ground in favour of metasearch engines, especially Google Hotel Ads, and where there is disruption, there is also opportunity.

Metasearch engines will be the key battlefield for online reservations in 2020 and managing them well is a challenge, Just connecting to them is not enough, hotels need to define a strategy that includes a bid optimisation mechanism, among other things. Without a strategy, hotels run the risk of seeing a large part of bookings continuing to come from the OTAs and that the metasearch engines become nothing more than just a very expensive marketing showcase.

We’re not talking about something that’s extremely complicated. You basically just have to do three things well to ensure that hotel metasearch investments are profitable.

  • Ensure that the hotel website has a competitive price, i.e. that the direct sales channels always have the most interesting rates and/or conditions.
  • Selective and orderly distribution, working with partners that add value to your direct sales and reach places you could not reach on your own.
  • A booking engine with a high conversion rate.

Triptease and Mirai have partnered to offer hotels an opportunity to optimise their traffic acquisition and conversion rates through metasearch engines, allowing them to take control of their online distribution and attract more direct bookings.

Integration Mirai Triptease

When intelligent traffic acquisition combines with a high-performance booking engine, the impact increases exponentially. Over a three-month trial period, Triptease managed metasearch campaigns in a selection of hotels that use the Mirai booking engine, and the performance improvement was huge. Conversion rates increased by 22% and the return on advertising spend (ROAS) improved by 41% on average. One particular hotel saw a 40% increase in conversions and a 31% increase in ROAS.

The Triptease solution combines sophisticated machine learning technology with their vast experience to achieve a large volume of high-value traffic for hotel websites. The intuitive and highly usable Mirai booking system then does its part to convert that traffic.

“Mirai is a leader in booking engine technology, and well aware of the key factors in optimising conversion rates,” says Charlie Osmond, founder of Triptease. “We are delighted to be able to offer our intelligent bidding service to Mirai partner hotels. We have already seen incredible results in the test and we continue to improve our service to offer even greater benefits to more hotels.”

Pablo Delgado, CEO of Mirai, stated that “At Mirai we’re always open to integrating our systems with tools that offer added value to hoteliers so that our customers can get even greater benefits. Triptease is focused on direct sales and innovation to improve performance in metasearch engines, the most important showcases for hotels in the current online distribution environment, which means that this partnership could be very valuable to them.”