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Google Property Promotion Ads, now available for Mirai clients

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Google has recently launched Property Promotion Ads, a feature that allows you to place your hotel in a prominent position in search results by destination (e.g. “Hotel in Mallorca”). We explain the details in this post: how it works, how much it costs, available markets… and answer other doubts that may arise.


Should I connect to Google Property Promotion Ads?

We do think that connecting to it is a good decision. Google is the fastest growing meta-search engine for bookings, with the best results in terms of profitability. Additionally, this new feature allows you to access new demand, thus getting new bookings, which in turn makes it a great opportunity to increase your direct sale. We are already starting to get some impressions and see bookings, and although it is still too early to evaluate the results, they are expected to be promising. We will keep a close eye on the numbers.

What do I have to do to connect?

You do not have to do anything. As always, at Mirai we work so that our clients can benefit from the latest developments in meta-search engines, key showcases for direct sales. For both our Book Engine and Mirai Metasearch clients, we have activated Property Promotion Ads campaigns under the commission mode (Commission per Stay, to be precise), so you do not have to anticipate investment and you will only pay for those bookings that actually materialize. The basic commission we have set is 10%.

Should you have any doubt, your account manager can help you.