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Mirai Digital, all our specialised knowledge and experience in hotels’ digital marketing at your service

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¿What is miraidigital?

All our digital marketing services, which we have been providing to those of our clients using Mirai’s booking engine, are now available to any hotel or chain. More than 15 years of experience in digital marketing, specializing exclusively in the hotel sector.

miraidigital comes into being with the aim to boost your hotel’s visibility in the digital environment and increase your direct sales, maximizing your investment no matter which booking engine you use.

Which digital marketing channels do we manage?

Our services aim to obtain more direct sales, which means we compete with OTAs to capture your potential customers, and we do so in the following channels:

Search Engine Marketing or SEM:

  • Google.
  • Bing.

Display marketing: prospecting and retargeting, through Google’s display network.

Metasearch: connectivity and management.

Paid Social:

  • Facebook Ads.
  • Instagram Ads.


Is digital marketing that important?

Investment in digital marketing is essential for any hotel with online presence and direct sales targets. Investing in digital marketing ensures your business’ visibility, but doing so through hotel marketing experts also guarantees optimal return on investment and 100% alignment with your distribution strategy.

Can I access miraidigital’s services if I don’t have Mirai’s booking engine?

Yes, miraidigital was thought to offer our digital marketing services to any chain or individual hotel, regardless of the booking engine on their website.

I use Mirai’s booking engine, can you manage my online marketing campaigns from miraidigital?

Of course. Being one of our booking engine clients gives you access at no extra cost to many of the digital marketing services, where our miraidigital team will manage your investments. Would you like to know more or be interested in a specific service, please ask your account manager.

How much are miraidigital’s management services?

Conditions vary depending on the number of channels you would like us to manage, number of hotels, markets in which campaigns are carried out and dedicated investment. You can find more information at www.mirai.com/services/digital/ and contact our team of experts, who will provide you with a personalised quote: digitalsales@mirai.com.

What clients already trust miraidigital?

Chain hotels such as Sandos, Iberostar, HM, Santos, Room Mate, SB, Acta, Gloria, Adrián, Catalonia or Playa Senator already entrust the connectivity to meta-search engines or the management of their campaigns to miraidigital.