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2020: A review of our most outstanding posts

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most outstanding posts 2020 Mirai

The end of the year is coming – with more excitement than ever – and it’s time for our traditional review of posts. Do you want to know which ones have aroused the most interest? This is our TOP 10:

10. Google adds photos to Hotel Ads (Pau Siquier)

This will be a huge benefit for channels that are able to display them: a great opportunity for your direct sales channel

9. How to choose the best payment processor for your direct channel (Pablo Delgado)

A payment processor is much more than a tool for charging for non-refundable bookings. In this list you can compare the different proposals to find the one that best suits your hotel.

8. The importance of flexible rates …. Google adds a filter to only show these rates in Hotel Ads (Pablo Delgado)

When the coronavirus made the non-refundable fees practically disappear, Google added a filter to speed up these queries, as had already been done by Trivago and TripAdvisor.

7. Why your hotel or hotel chain should have a loyalty club – Mirai (César López)

We will convince you in a few minutes of reading why a loyalty club means a new standard in direct selling.  

6. The importance of data for direct sales (Pablo Sánchez)

Make data-supported decisions + re-evaluate to adjust = agile methodology to increase direct sales

5. Should I consider resuming my Google Ads and meta campaigns? (Pau Siquier)

After online marketing investments were slowed down by the coronavirus shock, we analysed when and why to reactivate campaigns.

4. trivago launches its CPA or commissionable model. What is it and how does it work? (Paola Romero)

We explain everything about this interesting alternative to guarantee the profitability of investments in digital marketing and achieve the highest volume of sales for your website.

3. 10 requirements to internationalise sales direct channel (Pablo Delgado)

Are you technologically prepared? Take a look at this checklist to avoid being caught by the OTAs that master the adaptability to each market.

2. Getting the most of GHA Top 15 check list (Pau Siquier)

Competitive advantage can be gained through technology and strategy in GHA. We walk through 15 best practices that you should demand your GHA integration partner to provide.

And finally… our most popular post of the year, (which is actually two of the same subject):

1.What are Google Property Promotion Ads and how do they work? (Diego Varela) y Why Google Property Promotion Ads are a boon to direct sales and a threat to OTA’s (Pablo Delgado)

This new Google functionality allows you to publish your hotel in a prominent position in search results by destination, a must read because it represents a great opportunity to access new demand.

This is our TOP 10 for 2020, but many of the posts from previous years are still very much alive! You can check the topics that interest you most through the search engine at the top of the Blog.

It only remains for us to thank all of you who read us. We will continue to strive to write, analyse and give our opinion on issues that add value. We are already working on some for 2021, and you can also propose ideas to us here.