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Mirai selects Koddi to help hotels better compete in metasearch

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Metasearch already scaled to become one of the most important online marketing channels in 2019, continuing its growth trajectory faster than traditional Ads. The difference has grown even more in 2020 as hotels, due to the covid-19 crisis, moved a large amount of their CPC investments to available commission models in metasearch such as Google commission per stay or CPS (formerly known as GHACP) or the recently launched trivago CPA. We expect, nevertheless, that this move will be reversed once we overcome this crisis.

Mirai + Koddi LinkedinRegardless of the bidding model, it is certain that metasearch is here to stay and will continue to be a crucial channel once the demand picks up again. The assumption that metasearch is a plug an and play approach is a common misconception that can create wasted media dollars at lower efficiency. Metasearch requires highly sophisticated machine learning, automation and specialized  management. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy, and many hotels that operate with this assumption can lose advertising dollars quickly when the channel is not managed correctly.

Hoteliers understand that Metasearch is  the most important channel for driving demand,” said Alexander Steenbakkers-Noffke, Managing Director at  Koddi. “The complexity and tech investment around optimization set a high bar in the past to engage with this channel, to effectively compete hotels must win when it comes to optimization for Google, TripAdvisor, Trivago, Kayak and more. Koddi is thrilled to be working with an industry leader such as Mirai to deliver that competitive advantage for their customers.”

Koddi Mirai metasearch

In order to implement a successful metasearch strategy, hotels need to gain a fully understanding of how to manage the channel, or find the right partner to address and properly execute on each of the following:

  1. Service
  2. Connectivity
  3. Bidding Optimization

Mirai is a service-driven company, being at the pulse of our client needs (always being very close to our clients), consulting on questions and giving direction on how to improve metasearch performance advising what to do in order to improve their performance in meta.

At Mirai, we have the leading  connectivity solution  with proprietary integrations with the leading  metasearch publishers (Google Hotel Ads, trivago, Tripadvisor, Kayak and Skyscanner),  supporting all all their features such as 15 best practices in Google Hotel Ads and auction levers. Our integration with metas seamlessly redirects users to any booking engine (either ours or third-party ones).

Finally, the third, and crucial, leg to make metasearch work is defining an adequate bidding strategy. Commission models might work for many hotels to establish a baseline. However, you can do better in scale and efficiency with the best marketing technology available, squeezing every dollar you invest. At Mirai, our approach is twofold. We count with a great metasearch team who masters bidding, and we rely on our technology such as Mirai Metasearch dashboard to make the best decisions.

However, if we want to truly excel in bidding optimization, we need the best automation and AI tools in the market such as Koddi’s Enterprise solution. Starting today, Mirai will license the Koddi Enterprise platform to maximize exposure of hotel properties on metasearch channels, driving more bookings and improving marketing ROI.

Our marketing team will lean on Koddi solutions to:

  • Create metasearch campaigns across the main publishers using best-in-class technology.
  • Leverage advanced bidding algorithms that can be customized to match a client’s campaign goals.
  • Utilize granular signals such as price competitiveness data, occupancy rates, cancellation rates, audiences, etc. to enhance bidding strategies.
  • Ultimately take advantage of all available opportunities and exploit them to drive bookings and revenue with maximum efficiency.
  • Create customized reporting views of client’s metasearch programs to understand the impact of campaigns at any level.
  • Access incremental marketing channels such as TripAdvisor Sponsored Placements, Google Promoted Hotels, Trivago Sponsored Listings, Kayak Inline Ads, etc.

I’m a current client of Mirai booking engine or metasearch solution, how will I benefit from Koddi?

Our marketing team counts on Koddi’s Enterprise solution to fully automate and optimize every dollar you spend. That means higher ROI and, in many cases, higher overall volume of transactions and transaction value too.

I want to manage Koddi’s Enterprise solution by myself, can I do so?

No. Koddi’s Enterprise product is designed for large hotel groups and metasearch companies which have a team of trained and highly skilled analysts managing the campaigns and that are updated and educated in real time on any met publisher or market changes. This role will play the Mirai team for you in order to ensure management in our best interest and maximum return of your investment.

Thanks to this partnership, you will be able to use Koddi’s technology through the Mirai team, who has been properly trained to use Koddi’s Enterprise and is using the tool behind the scenes for the past 12 months on selected accounts

Nevertheless, you will always have full access to your campaigns and their performance in our Mirai Metasearch dashboard.

I am a large hotel chain with direct access to Koddi’s Enterprise version. Can I use Mirai as the integration partner?

Yes. Our integration with metasearch is fully compatible with Koddi’s Enterprise solution. 

Will I pay more now that Mirai will use Koddi?

Adding Koddi’s technology is optional. You can stay as you are now, especially if all your investments are in commission models.

For those who want to put their Enterprise version to work for them, there will be an additional cost. Contact your account manager to know more details.

I want to know more about this new partnership between Mirai and Koddi, what do I need to do?

Contact your account manager to know more details.

If you do not work with Mirai yet, please contact us at metasales@mirai.com.