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Only show availability of certain rooms if they are requested for the occupancy most advantageous to you

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We know you might have a hotel with a very special room in high demand – such as certain family rooms – that you don’t want to offer to guests who won’t complete its maximum occupancy. 


There are also hotels with only a few adults-only room types.

We have added a small update that allows you to offer availability of these rooms only when the client’s search coincides exactly with the occupancy you have determined for each room, meaning clients won’t be offered a certain room if they are fewer people than the occupancy you indicated. 

However, it’s important to remember that a room earmarked in this way could be in an inferior position in relation to OTA’s if the latter can offer said room without limitations. If you have solved that matter and want to apply this configuration, contact your account manager.

This update requires your establishment to be using the new rates system by Mirai. Ask your account manager if you have any questions.