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trivago introduces its new Net CPA on Consumption

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Three years after the launch of its first commissionable model, Gross CPA, and one year after its second version, Net CPA on Transaction, trivago launches Net CPA on Consumption, its “pure” commissionable model, where you pay only at the end of the stay and reconcile “post-checkout” bookings. 

What differences are there with the two commissionable models that trivago already had?

trivago net cpa differences commissionable models mirai

At Mirai we already have the new trivago Net CPA on Consumption model available and we have automatically migrated all our clients to this latest model since, compared to previous models, it simplifies the reconciliation and billing processes making it easier to manage campaigns on trivago, with even less risk.

The new Net CPA on Consumption model is a good improvement by trivago in line with what many hotels are looking for: visibility and reservations with a guaranteed return. For those who feel comfortable with cost-per-click (CPC) models, trivago maintains this traditional bidding model which, with good management and controlled cancellation rates, is the most efficient model of participation in the metasearch engine.

If you are not yet a Mirai customer and would like to learn more about trivago’s Net CPA or find out how to get the most from your metasearch investments, please visit Mirai Metasearch or contact us at

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