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Google adds photos to Hotel Ads

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Google is back at it, adding another vital feature to results in its Hotel Ads product to help users decide where to book: pictures of the rooms. 

 fotos google hotel ads


These photos taken from the Google Booking Module greatly improve the attractiveness of channels that are able to display them, increasing the chances that a user chooses that channel over alternatives. This improves what marketers call the “CTR” or “click-through rate”). Definitely a great opportunity for the direct sales channel to differentiate itself from the OTAs.

But it doesn’t end there. When users choose to continue and view rates for all the rooms, they can see all the available room options, together with a photograph of each room, allowing far better presentation of our superior rooms.

 fotos google hotel ads


Recently, Google has significantly bettered its results by making major improvements to the user experience and allowing direct sales channels to compete head-on with the OTAs. Here is a brief summary:


At Mirai, we work conscientiously on our integration with Google Hotel Ads to ensure that all our customers enjoy all these innovations at no extra cost, now also including the chance to publish room photos.

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 Update February 2022: On May 25, 2022, Book on Google for hotels will be discontinued