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Do you know how your client makes bookings?

3.6 out of every 5 travellers use metasearch engines during their search process.


Metasearch engines. The most important channel.

Hotels dedicate 60 % of their marketing investments to metasearch engines.

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Participate and recover your client.

  • Boost your direct channel.
  • Minimise distribution costs.
  • Reduce dependence on OTA.


Aren´t you still in metasearch?

connects your hotel to the main metasearch engines, regardless of who your booking engine provider is.

  • Strategic integration

  • Adapted to holiday/urban

  • All models

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    Integrated with assisted booking engines


    Visualise the state of your campaigns in real time.

    • The best tool for controlling and analysing campaigns on metasearch.
    • Includes Business Intelligence module.


    What makes our connectivity unique?

    • Leaders in integrating metasearch engines: more than 1,000 connected hotels
    • More than 20 years of experience in hospitality.
    • Google Strategic Partner Find out more
    • Up to date: latest developments, features and continuous improvements.
    • Proximity and service: A team dedicated exclusively to accompanying and helping you achieve the best results together.
    • Versatility: Choose the participation format that best suits your goals.


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