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A summary of Mirai’s blog in 2018


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Did you miss any of our posts? Take a quick look: this summary will help you catch up.

Seen in perspective, these are the topics that have worried us during these months, trying to identify industry trends:

Metasearch and OTA and other important players have been in our sights, as is usual in Mirai, questioning the value of the presence of intermediaries in metasearch, warning of the risk-free reservations by Booking.com, informing of booking. basic or commenting on the entry of Airbnb into hotel distribution.

Google: It deserves a separate chapter. We have been following closely all its new releases this year.

Topics related to direct sales. There are different topics, apparently less important, that may affect direct sales or create confusion. An example is security and performance, another is forms of payment  offered by the hotelier, and its evolution, chatbots and the cost of direct sales.

Interesting facts and the most read posts

  • 26 posts published this year. We broke the record.
  • Eight authors, more than ever.
  • The blog in English for the first time has more visits than the blog in Spanish, even though the presence of Mirai is concentrated in Spain and France. For the moment 🙂


  1. Booking.com is now offering third-party inventory with Booking.basic
  2. Why you shouldn’t participate in the new Booking.com programme “Risk Free Reservations”
  3. What does Airbnb have and what does it lack to revolutionise hotel distribution?
  4. Why OTAs provide no value for you on metasearch engines
  5. What happens to your direct sale when Booking.com is removed from metasearch engines?
  6. Google Hotel Ads gains visibility and displaces Adwords
  7. Book on Google, now available in Europe
  8. Room Booking Module: Google incorporates room photos to Hotel Ads results
  9. Book on Google, available now for your hotel
  10. Why your soaring mobile traffic is not turning into bookings

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