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2018 is over and it’s a good time to take stock and sum up what we’ve achieved over the course of the year. We’ll summarise the most important points here:

Desktop booking system

This year, we’ve completely renovated our engine, both aesthetically and functionally, incorporating improvements that boost conversion and make it more productive, more customisable and more secure, as well as making it more visually attractive.

Payment methods

We added Amazon Pay, becoming Amazon’s first hotel partner to offer this service to all establishments and clients on a global level, and Addon Payments, a safe and simple online payment management solution.

 Metasearch engines

We strengthened our leading position in metasearch integration with the following new developments:

  • Trivago: We adjusted our integration so that you can display your exclusive rates for mobile phones and differentiate your direct sales with the new filters.
  • Google Hotel Ads: We added Room Booking Module in order to be able to show your rooms and direct traffic to your direct sales. We also adjusted our integration in order for chains to display a logo.

Hotel website management

We have improved the websites managed by Mirai with two major advances:

  • We have started to manage websites from the cloud, specifically Amazon Web Services. This was a very complex task both technically and organisationally, but it has resulted in websites which are faster (therefore achieving better positioning), more secure and more scalable.
  • We also migrated websites to https and http2, giving them greater security and speed.

We have also become leaders in chatbot integration by adding Booklyng, Güelcom and Quicktext.

New hotel and hotel chain websites

We also want to highlight our work on website design, which we are very satisfied with. Here are a few examples from chains and independent hotels:

Hospes Hotel Villasoro
Paradiso Garden Hotel Benidom Plaza
Senator Hoteles Hotel Málaga Nostrum
Club Mac Hotel Villa Oniria
One Shot Hotels Hotel Turin
Hotels GF Coloradamar
UR Hotels Hotel Nixe Palace
Singular Hotels Hotel Casa Romana


We will start reporting on the new features for 2019 very soon, which will include some important developments that we’ve already been working on for some time. Stay tuned to make sure you’re getting the maximum benefit!

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