What does Airbnb have and what does it lack to revolutionise hotel distribution?

Although it has already stated its low commissions, little has been written about the ticking time bomb for distribution which is the different system of costs and prices...

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Against price parity / 1

Clients do not mind to find different prices for the same hotel in different channels. Distributors and hoteliers have gladly accepted the rule of price parity, because both of them benefit from hiding their net prices from the clients.

Create deals: No fear, just about delivering value

With the right strategy, discounts and packages will benefit the hotel, not all is about lowering prices. Well implemented offers, with all their elements, will attract new demand without harming the average price. The secret is present…

Speak your hotel online

The traditional word of mouth among your customers has moved to the Internet with dramatic consequences: New websites keep appearing where users are able to rate and review the hotels they have stayed in. Whether the hoteliers like it or not,…