What does Airbnb have and what does it lack to revolutionise hotel distribution?

Although it has already stated its low commissions, little has been written about the ticking time bomb for distribution which is the different system of costs and prices...

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Hotel Slang: atrocities and anecdotes

Every sector and every profession creates its own jargon. In some cases this process is justified by the need of having to find a name for new concepts or concepts that do not exist yet, but in most cases, this…

Bad customer reviews on your hotel website

For a few months, two web sites have been offering the hotel own the service to integrate clients’ reviews in the official hotel website: TripAdvisor and HotelSearch. In both cases, they provide the hotel with a module that…

Against price parity /2

A few months ago, in the first part of this article, I doubted that price parity could provide any value whatsoever to the final customer, as it is normally believed in the hotel business.
César López

Expect the 2008 observing 2007

The demand From our privileged view point we can see what dates are the more sought after ones by thousands of visitors. Every time a visitor introduces some dates, his request is registered. After collating all these requests, we are…