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Contents for gays on your hotel’s official website

Luckily, the label of gay-friendly for a hotel is losing its original meaning given that homosexuality, at least in Spain,is widely accepted now.

However, a hotel can go even further than just acceptance and respect, taking concrete actions to attract and encourage this type of clients. A good place to do this is the hotel’s webpage. The hotel Apsis Atrium Palace in Barcelona, for instance, displays on its website  a specific section for gays and lesbians.

I understand that a hotel can create in its web specific content for gays, in the same way it can be created for other type of customers that it wants to communicate with. The hotel’s web is an opportunity, not too well exploited at the moment, to divide the content in sections to match the different types of target clients.

What the hotelier should keep in mind is that they must be segments that are compatible with each other and they match the style and strategy of the hotel.

It is difficult to talk about “gays” without using any cliché. As a group they are so diverse or even more than heterosexuals. There is a risk in any categorization.

In any case, when you add content to your official website remember than gays are just one more category, such as women, business men, families, Japanese, city-breaks, sports tourists or one of many others.

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