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A simple hotel can also make the difference

They can stop beating around the bush,those small, independent and simple hotels with few resources have it easier to communicate what makes them different.

They know their clientele better.

They are more flexible and quicker to adapt to changes.

They do not have to wait for big managers to make a decision.

Their percentage of direct sales is higher, so they can control better the message they convey.

They don’t lose themselves in empty marketing words.

Cat’s hostel in Madrid, for instance, uses most of its home page to compare itself with other hostels in the area.

It’s an original and daring idea that would be difficult to apply in other type of establishments.

This communication based in the different values as compared to the competitors is a good strategy for any hotel, specially on the web, where time you have available to you to convince the visitor is very limited.

Of course, these smaller hotels will probably face other problems that are different to the ones faced by hotels with more resourcees, but Internet is offering them a tool to compete with the biggest that they did not have before.

If they are able to move to the online world their tradition of direct communication centred on the value, then they would be teaching them a lesson that they should really take into account.

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One thought on “A simple hotel can also make the difference

  1. Es una gran estrategia de comunicación. Tal y como comentas no se puede ser más claro….”yo te ofrezco todo esto…y los demás no”.

    Evidentemente, grandes cadenas incluso hoteles demasiado jerarquizados no podrán nunca establecer este tipo de comunicación on-line.

    ¡La originalidad al poder!

    Un saludo para tod@s.

    Julián Alcolea