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Competitions and draws on Facebook for your hotel

If there is a guaranteed way when it comes to not only getting more fans but building on the loyalty of your hotel’s community on facebook at the same time, it is with competitions and raffles. It is recommended to use an application that requires the user to click on “I like” to participate. There are various arguments that support carrying out these actions.

1) It is relatively fast and simple

It is basically as simple as installing one of the applications that help manage them. When dealing with competitions, the policy of Facebook prohibits the use of the habitual functions of the social network, like the wall or the notes, to do this. In this case, it is advisable to resort to a different application.

There are many companies that develop applications specifically for competitions, offering advantages more than just simple support: to get a database of participants requires clicking on “I like” or providing contact details to be able to participate, counting votes, including a legal basis, establishing a participation method (voting, judging, a mixture of both or a raffle at random), specifying the final date of participation, sharing this with your friends… The action is done like this on an individual page within your profile, which you can establish as a landing page.

2) The fight against the seasons

You can carry out raffles and promotional discounts to raise demand for a product and occupy your rooms at times of the year with fewer customers. The possibilities are infinite: free accommodation for one night, a dinner in a restaurant (making deals with local businesses), a thoughtful gift, 2 for 1 offers, a percentage discount, a free breakfast, etc.

3) Boost the communication between users

For various reasons:

  • Many competition applications allow the users to publish their own participation on the wall, increasing the coverage.
  • Normally you have the option of getting a file from the applications with the contact information of all the participants that you can use in future promotions. Let the past participants know about new competitions or promotions and aim to generate a database of fans.
  • The users can invite friends to participate through a pop-up window.
  • There are many communities on Facebook about competitions, which the users can share and request votes.

4) Build on the loyalty of your community

The participants of the competition are required to carry out some type of action: leave a comment, upload a photo, and vote, among others. This brings about conversation between the business and the active participation of the user rather than just accumulating “likes” on your publications. You can take advantage of the attention and the traffic that your fan page receives during the competition to publish information about your product or the offers and discounts you recommend.

Depending on the investment, the size of your public and the difficulty or creativity of the competition, your hotel webpage on Facebook is going to experience a considerable increase in fans and most importantly: How? In contrast to other methods, you achieve valuable information about the most personal likes and desires of your fans, which most likely provides you with information that even the most extensive market research could not have given you.

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