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Act: 4 examples of intermediaries ignoring price parity

The eternal game of cat and mouse: The intense desire to gain better conditions enlivens the imagination of each intermediary, who carries out all kinds of measures to offer something better than the rest.

Hotelier beware! Avoid allowing any channel to offer your hotel better conditions or you are putting the entire system in danger. Follow it up and correct it… or, if you accept it and you begin the game, share it with the others, above all with your direct sales.

1. Venere and its new discount at the expense of its commission

Check that on the Venere extranet you have the new option of donating commission in order to offer a discount deactivated.

…or they will send you reservations like this one:

2. Blink: Does being a mobile application deserve advantages?

Blink is an application for smartphones. It offers four hotels per destination and only for the same day.

  • Being an application, and not a web page, does not give you the right to privileges. It is an online channel like any other.
  • Being for the same day is not exceptional in any way. Any other channel also offers last-minute deals.
  • Being small and new does not justify a special treatment. It feeds monsters and they will enslave you when older..

3. Logitravel rewards suitcases

To reward something extra is distorting the value of your hotel on that channel. If you allow them to do this, why don’t you also offer rewards directly on your online channel?

4. Hotels.com: Free nights

Hotels.com could send you reservations in which the customer has received a free night in your hotel because he has made ten reservations in other hotels. Are you going to allow this? Then why don’t you do the same on other channels and, above all, on your own web page?

We could find a multitude of other examples. In some cases, with hotelier knowledge, others without, some cases being legal, others illegal. The hotelier has a true problem in following and controlling all the conditions in all the channels where you can advertise your hotel. Our recommendation: Avoid this with a contract, follow up the conditions when faced with a breach of contract or apply it to the hotel’s own web page.

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