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Calendar of demand: Foresee 2009 analyzing 2008’s evolution

Every time a user request information regarding availability through Mirai-HotelSearch, the dates he’s introduced are recorded. These data means several millions requests and allow us to collate a very reliable demand calendar.

Knowing what the historical demand has been is one of the key details that any hotelier must have to forecast for 2009 and be able to make Revenue Management decisions.

Below, you will find graphs showing the demand in the five main cities in Spain: Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Seville and Valencia. They don’t contain any figures because their intention is representing their relative evolution throughout the year for each city, especially to allow us to see when demands peaks and when it drops.

In the forecast for 2009, besides a general drop in demand, it could be expected that long weekends and bank holidays will concentrate most of the demand or even increase the peaks, because this year they are in better dates than in 2008.

En las previsiones para el 2009, aparte de debilitamiento general de la demanda, cabe esperar que los puentes y festivos concentren o incluso aumenten los picos, porque este año caen mejor que en el 2008

Demand in Barcelona 2008 (PDF)

Barcelona shows these characteristics:

  • Its demand is relatively stable: The distance between peaks and valleys is shorter than in other cities.
  • The demand grows from April to October and it goes down slowly as it gets closer to January.
  • It stays strong during summer.

Demand in Madrid 2008 (PDF)

Madrid has the following characteristics:

  • Demand shoots through the roof in four distinct dates: Easter, 1st of May, the bank holiday of Constitución-Purísima and New Year.
  • Summer and January are the weakest periods.
  • The influence of trade fairs and congresses is disappearing, unlike other years: Is it because this events have become smaller or because stays throughout the year for other reasons has increased, and so the city doesn’t depend so much on these events?

Demand in Bilbao 2008 (PDF)
What happens every year in Bilbao in the peak in June?

Demand in Seville 2008 (PDF)

Demand in Valencia 2008 (PDF)