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5 reasons to have a blog on the website of your hotel

blog is just a few pages on your website. Each of these pages contains information in article format that your clients or other curious visitors can find useful during their stay in your city. Some common topics for a blog are: Places to eat in Toledo, things to see in Madrid, tourist bus in Barcelona and weekend activities. The articles on the blog are also open for comments. Having a blog is not just beneficial for your clients but also for your webpage. Here you have 5 reasons to have a blog:

Blog de Hotel

1. Improve your Google Ranking

Google will read your webpage regularly, finding new content on your webpage in each visit will give you brownie points. Webpages that are updated regularly are rated higher. The traditional sections of your webpage, like your services or your localization, aren’t going to change, so that’s where the blog, integrated in your webpage, will add new content.

Try to set yourself apart from other blogs with similar subject matter. The quality and originality of your content will help it attract new readers. Don’t just talk about a tourist attraction like an encyclopaedia, that’s what Wikipedia is for. Try to find games, interesting and shocking stories and even anecdotes of your hotel. Everything goes, as long as your visitors like it!

2. Increase your visits thanks to social networks like Facebook.

A blog gives readers the chance to share the articles on Facebook with their friends. Besides, if you’re thinking about having a Facebook page or you already have it, you can improve its content by sharing on it all the articles from your blog. This helps increase the number of visits once the articles start being shared on Facebook or Twitter and it helps increase and strengthen your fan base.


3. Get visibility thanks to the events happening near your hotel.

One of the main advantages of a blog is that you can position yourself with keywords that aren’t very competitive and in only a few hours. You can create an article that will be the landing page for those people searching for information about concerts or other events in your area. Offer them exclusive presents and advantages if they decide to stay in your hotel to attend the event.

Blogs para Hoteles

4. Your Blog: A travel guide for your clients.

Give useful tips that your guests will be able to use during their holidays. You will be a reference point in their travel guide, with maps, hidden restaurants, places that are only known by the locals and really, only quality material that will help your guests to plan their holiday differently to the advice of other hotels.

5. Creation, updating and maintenance at a low cost.

Do you need somebody in charge of setting up the blog as well as a blogger that will take on the job of publishing regularly? On the Internet, you will find sites like loquo.com or many others where you can contact designers and creative writers that could take care of the setting up and regular publication. You can place an ad to find somebody for both tasks specifying exactly what you want.

You can also find companies that deal with the setting-up and publication from day one. Many of them carry out this task as part of a bigger package, the same way we do it here in Mirai, where we offer setting-up and regular publication, in Spanish and English, as part of the package of Search Engine Optimization for hotels.

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