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5 ways to stay updated in online hotel marketing

1.- Finding the time:

It is the resource that is most difficult to find. Having a lot of material and information would be useless if you don’t have the time to look into it.

Most of the available information is generated in bits, regularly, like blog posts. It’s got the perfect format so it can be digested in small daily doses.

I’d suggest to ring-fence a period during the day, in which you can dedicate your time to check the news and keep up-to-date on what’s happening. Take it as one of your daily tasks.

2.-  Blogs:

If you’re reading this post, you know already what a blog is. With several million active blogs in the world, the problem is to manage to select those that are relevant, and aren’t watered down with all the information knocking about everywhere.  The best way forward is to start with a few blogs that you are already familiar with and start exploring others in time, checking out the links between them.

You could start with these two (there are really lists of blogs):

Turismo 2.0

Comunidad de Hosteltur

To follow up blogs regularly, especially if there are a lot of them, people tend to use an RSS reader, that will give a one page update, instead of you having to check everyone individually. What is clear is that nowadays there is no excuse for not being familiar with this techniques, the same as we all started using email or Internet browsers when they came out. If your RSS reader is not configured and you haven’t started using it, not it’s high time to do it. Otherwise, you can’t really say you’re up to date with all the developments in your field if you don’t use this tool on a daily basis. The main reason is that most of the available information on online hotel marketing is generated in the shape of blogs and conveyed in RSS.

In the same way, you read your paper or email everyday, you should really open your RSS everyday to follow the blogs you’re subscribed to.

Once you have configured your RSS reader, every time you find a blog that you are interested in, you just need to subscribe to its RSS clicking on the icon. From that moment on, your RSS reader will gather and show any new blog entries.

Wherever you see this icon, it means there is a subscription available. Click on it and automatically, from then on, you will receive the entries on your RSS reader.

This video explains what RSSs are and how they work:

3.- Favourites:

Bookmark any website you’re interested in. You can do this from your browser or use specific websites like  del.icio.us, that will allow you to access your bookmarks from anywhere and you can also organize them with labels, share them and explore what others have saved.

Exploring the favourite websites of people you know or you’re interested in is an excellent way to find out websites that could be interesting for yourself. If the user configures them as “shared”, then that list of favourites is public and accessible for anybody: This is  mine for instance.

4.- Forums and seminaries:

Trade fairs of this sector usually include technology presentations. In fact, it is not so much about the technical aspects but about their use what these presentations are concerned about. If you are thinking about going to  FITUR, go to some of the presentations by Fiturtech on the Activity Programme.

Xotels organizes seminaries and workshops in several cities during the whole year.

5.- Participate, be nosy , explore…:

Don’t just look and listen: Get into the conversation, be proactive, ask questions, participate, present ideas, try things. This activity will help you to network, which will help you get into the new habits and keep interested.

Don’t be scared of mistakes, experience things: Many of the websites and tools are free. You have millions of possibilities at your fingertips.

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