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Our most popular posts of 2016

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After 12 years of experience, 2016 has seen more articles on our blog and more views than ever before.

If you want to revisit our most recent posts in order not to forget the most important ones, here is a summary of this year’s main articles and subjects:

Use of mobile phone on websites of hotels in Barcelona and Madrid. With the celebration of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, we analysed the mobile impact on websites of hotels in Barcelona and Madrid.

The series on TripAdvisor’s Instant Booking
From the most basic description of what it’s about to a practical analysis of the convenience or inconvenience of participating if you are a hotelier. Everything that we believe you need to know about this subject is comprised in these four posts.


Are you filling your hotel too soon? Capitalise on it
With a record occupancy rate in many hotels and destinations, this year came with a new problem: filling the hotel TOO soon.

In May, we published two articles on cancellations that made quite an impression. One was an analysis on the problem’s seriousness and costs and in the other we gathered the numbers of cancellation percentages of direct sales in comparison to those of OTAs.

How much Booking.com sells with AdWords using your name. Clients who are looking for you are one step away from booking in your hotel. That Booking.com captures them isn’t just unnecessary but it also obliges you to pay them for it. What percentage of Booking.com’s sales is taking advantage of this capture of dubious merit? We calculate it and publish it.
We analyse the marketing services and sales that Google offers hotels, which have been many this year. In these posts about Google Hotel Ads and Book on Google, you will find everything you need to know about the subject.

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