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Expect the 2008 observing 2007

The demand

From our privileged view point we can see what dates are the more sought after ones by thousands of visitors. Every time a visitor introduces some dates, his request is registered. After collating all these requests, we are able to know exactly how was the demand distributed for every destination throughout the year.

These are the results:

Barcelona (Archivo PDF/ 989KB)

Bilbao (Archivo PDF/ 1.2MB)

Madrid (Archivo PDF/ 1.3MB)

Sevilla (Archivo PDF/ 714KB)

Valencia (Archivo PDF/ 911KB)

Check the specific details for your hotel. If you are a Mirai-HotelSearch’s client, you will be able to access them in “Statistics” (estadísticas) on the management web (web de gestión).

In advance

Advanced bookings provide also very important information to help you decide the yield management strategies. This graph shows the number of days in advanced for reservations per month and destination.

Antelación (Archivo PDF/ 499KB)

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