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Getting the most out of Google Hotel Ads: The Top 15 Check-List


Competitive advantage can be gained through technology and strategy in GHA. But it has many features that many integration partners neglect, making hotels lose great opportunities to increase performance of their direct channel. We walk through 15 best practices that you should demand your GHA integration partner to provide. …

Google adds photos to Hotel Ads

miniatura fotos en google hotel ads

Google adds a new feature to results in Hotel Ads, pictures of the rooms. This will be a huge benefit for channels that are able to display them: a great opportunity for your direct sales channel…

Google Hotel Ads increases price transparency to its results

Google Hotel Ads increases price transparency to results

One of the biggest problems for metasearch engines is the lack of price accuracy, caused by the differences in taxes and discrepancy in legislations across the many countries regarding the way prices appear. Google is the first metasearch engine that enables the user to choose how to display prices.…