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This is what we’ve been doing in 2019… and a look forward to 2020

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We are coming towards the end of the year, and with less than 15 days to go, we would like to look back at what we’ve been up to all year. Check to see whether you’ve made the most of all the different improvements we’ve been making throughout the year.

We’ve made it easier and easier for your customers so that you can get more direct sales

In 2018 we upgraded our desktop booking engine and in 2019 we released our best-ever mobile booking engine, of which we are really proud and which we believe is the best system on the market right now.

Among other things:

We’ve also found ways to make things easier for you

With a major development in our new rate loading system and also little things like the six new features in our special offers system.

And not forgetting our Mirai Metasearch dashboard, thanks to which we can provide you with the data you need to optimise decision-making about your investments.

We have improved our integrations with metasearch engines

You now have the Room Booking Module active and campaigns in Skyscanner are now also available with CPA.

We have integrated with third parties

This allow you to:

We continue designing websites for our customers

With 163 new websites and the maintenance and update of another 65 , 2019 has also been a record year. Some of the most biggest highlights are:

We have also grown internationally

We have opened 3 new delegations (meaning we now have 12!). Two of them in Portugal (Albufeira and Lisbon), allowing us to get closer to our Portuguese customers and continue to grow in this high-potential market, and the other in Miami, allowing us a better approach to the US and Caribbean markets thanks to the great connectivity it has with both.

We have taken part in a lot of events

In line with our philosophy of sharing our knowledge openly with the industry, this year we have attended 57 events in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and the USA. Our own seminars, participation in third-party events (HEDNA, HSMAI, Triptease, etc.), classes in universities and tourism schools (JSF, Ostelea, Vatel, MDH Alicante University, etc.), workshops, webinars…

And finally we have also grown our business

Now Mirai Metasearch can also connect your direct sales with metasearch engines even if you don’t use our booking engine.

And for 2020?

Among many other things that we will be revealing along the way, we can mention one that we are really busy working on right now. For several months we have been working on adding the opportunity to build customer loyalty by creating a Club which will allow you to launch private sales and offer better conditions to all your direct sales customers in exchange for simply agreeing to register as a customer, just like all the big hotel chains and many hotels already do.