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Introducing our mobile booking engine: more advanced than ever

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Given the increasingly widespread use of smartphones, you need a superior quality mobile booking system. With Mirai, you now have that. We are proud to present a new system developed entirely from scratch that builds upon all the solid functionality of the original Mirai system.

Your image: now showcased in the most professional and personalised way

  • Elegant, modern, contemporary, fresh, clean…
  • With a fantastic carousel of photos
  • Published on your domain, not on an off-site URL or subdomain
  • With your logo, your fonts, your colours…

Improved usability with all the Mirai functionality

Booking Engine Assisted

Example: Requests for more than one room are accompanied by an assistant that guides users through each step

  • We have gone beyond mere responsive design. Unlike others, Mirai’s mobile booking engine is specific to smartphones, completely independent of the desktop engine, allowing greater optimisation of the different user experiences and conversion rates
  • Simplicity and clarity drives greater conversion. The new mobile engine is much easier to use right from the start
  • Just the steps required according to user needs… starting from only two
  • It remembers the dates and occupancy selected. This makes it easier for the majority of users who check prices more than once before finally making their decision to book
  • Rate mixing which intelligently combines different rates and offers on different days for the same stay
  • Hiding irrelevant rates: our system can compare results and not make irrelevant offers
  • One of the biggest improvements: multi-room, with an innovative solution built around a booking assistant. It makes what is usually a complicated process on such a small screen very easy

Adapted to your hotel and the way you sell


Example: Results for a destination search

  • For chains or for individual properties
  • Requests by destination, brand or category for chains
  • Guests or adults/children (and with different age ranges)
  • A choice of whether or not to offer extras
  • One version for apartments and another for hotels/rooms
  • Combine room types, occupancy, rates, offers, meal plans, payment methods and cancellation conditions according to your needs
  • Possibility for hotels to load and charge rates in different currencies depending on the market
  • Special offers module with lots of different settings: price, customer type, device, market, age ranges and many more options

For all types of customers, markets and situations


  • Multi-currency: users can see the prices in the currency they prefer. The currency of their market is displayed by default
  • 17 languages available
  • Option to include taxes or not depending on each particular market
  • Advanced support for tourist taxes, resort fees and other mandatory extra charges
  • Compliant with all accessibility standards. It meets WCAG 2.1 level AA accessibility standards, so makes sure nobody gets left out

Greater marketing power and easier measurement

  • With a pre-filter by offer or room type to allow seamless integration between the booking engine and marketing campaigns or landing pages for specific offers or room types
  • More measurable: the highly structured process makes it easier to measure and track things in our new mobile engine
  • By delivering all the content under the hotel domain, tracking problems created by changing URLs are avoided

Boost your private sales

  • Promo codes which allow access to confidential rates or general discounts and fully customisable (limited or unlimited use, black-out dates, etc.)
  • Support for agencies. Identifies each agency and offers a personalised form of payment and commission rate
  • Support for companies: Move your corporate sales to your website, saving costs and improving service
  • Call centre support
  • Loyalty programme support (coming soon)

Don’t miss out on any booking requests: upselling, cross-selling and alternative suggestions if no rooms are available

Booking Engine Alternatives

Examples of messages and alternatives

  • Displays meal plan prices very clearly
  • Greater visibility of packages (not hidden under a different tab)
  • Displays extras at the most appropriate time
  • Boosts longer stays by highlighting available offers
  • Other chain hotels or partners can send you booking requests they cannot fulfil
  • Displays calendar with alternative dates if there is no room availability…
  • Clear and specific messages if there is no room availability: closure for low season, does not meet minimum stay requirements, too late to book, adults-only hotel and much, much more.
    Invites users to contact the hotel by phone if it cannot respond to the booking request

Metasearch engines: perfect integration

  • Metasearch traffic comes mostly from mobile devices and your direct sales channels have to show up there
  • Customised landing pages for metasearch traffic adapted to their search criteria, including currency and occupancy requirements
  • Publish your exclusive mobile rates in only the mobile versions of metasearch engines
  • With a tracking dashboard showing you all the information on attribution

Friendly on the outside, robust and secure on the inside

  • Fast response speed
  • Proven stability
  • PCI compliant
  • HTTPS secure URL
  • GDPR compliant

Examples you can surf through you mobile