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Mirai and Hotel Treats partner to make your premises more profitable with an online shop

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In line with our commitment to increasing our clients’ direct sales revenue, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Hotel Treats, a platform specialising in the sale of hotel experiences. By means of an online shop on your website, Hotel Treats allows you to maximize the use of your facilities and services, improve your clients’ experience and attract the local public, thereby generating new revenue that extends beyond the sale of rooms.

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Advantages of setting up an online shop with Hotel Treats

Allowing customers to purchase exclusive products from your hotel before, during, and after their stay will enhance their experience with your brand and provide added value to your website, which will both differentiate you from other establishments and intermediaries and favour customer loyalty.  

It also offers other interesting advantages:

  • De-seasonalisation and diversification of demand: don’t just focus on tourists. Combat seasonalisation of demand by attracting local customers who can consume your products and services all year round and generate an additional, steady flow of revenue.
  • Free marketing and branding: having your branded products for sale (clothing, bathroom accessories, etc.), or allowing local customers to enjoy your facilities (spa, gym, etc.), helps promote your hotel. Make your customers become ambassadors of your brand.
  • Optimisation of facilities and services: by selling experiences you can put the focus on the hotel’s facilities without compromising room occupancy.
  • Additional revenue: by selling experiences such as spa circuits, romantic dinners, local products, etc., your online shop becomes a perfect complement to the sale of rooms, generating new revenue, some of which will be at no cost to your hotel.
  • Customer data collection: you’ll be able to collect customer data, such as preferences, which is valuable in terms of customising new offers and improving your sales strategy.

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What are its functionalities?

Personalized shop: allows you to customize the online shop according to your needs and maintain the Look & Feel of your brand.

Multilingual: with the availability of automated translation tools in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch.

Online Calendar: allows you to upload the availability for each experience, so the client can book a specific date directly without the need to contact the hotel to check availability. 

Integrated Management: 360° service, including advice on which products are most likely to sell, content creation, training and ongoing support.

Support 24/7: assignment of an account manager to answer all your questions.

Ricardo Samaan, Revenue Manager at Pure Salt Luxury Hotels, highlights: “Hotel Treats has been a key partner for Pure Salt Luxury Hotels and has helped us to significantly increase revenue and occupancy in areas such as breakfast, spa and restaurant. Their platform maximizes the customer experience and has helped break down barriers, attracting the local customer to services previously perceived as exclusive”.

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According to Isabel de Castro, Marketing and Communication Director of Hospes Hotels: “The launch of the sale of experiences of the 10 Hospes hotels via Hotel Treats, both from our website and from its platform, has meant a qualitative and quantitative leap in sales, and above all in customer service, which is a priority for us. From the beginning we knew that Hotel Treats was the perfect partner, based on their knowledge in the sale of experiences and the scope in conversions, derived from the continuous work in marketing and digitalisation that they have been implementing over the years”.

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What products can be offered?

Day passes for your hotel facilities, gastronomy (brunch, tasting menus, cocktails…), wellness services (spa circuit, massages…), golf, etc. There are no restrictions on the products you can sell. Put a little imagination and think about the possibilities of your hotel and the public you could reach.

Among the best-selling products are gift vouchers and experiences. Transform your facilities into the perfect gift for special occasions. In addition, through your online shop you can sell gift vouchers and complementary products to customers who have already booked a stay.

I am interested in working with Hotel Treats, what do I have to do?

Ask your account manager to provide you with all the details and put you in touch with Hotel Treats. There is no setup cost, so the investment risk is zero. 

Once you have made the decision to go ahead, Mirai will accompany you throughout the whole process.  

About Mirai Partnerships

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