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Room Booking Module, activated for your campaigns

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A few weeks ago, we announced the extension of Book on Google and the Room Booking Module to twelve new markets. Mirai customers now have the Room Booking Module activated in their Google Hotel Ads campaigns in the 16 markets in which it is currently available: Spain, Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, United States, France, Italy, Holland, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, United Kingdom and Sweden.

How to see RBM in Spain

Take a look for yourself:

  • On mobile: if you search for your hotel, the Overview or Prices tabs in GHA show photos of your rooms.

Check out the explanatory video or the full post about RBM for more details.


  • On desktop: the Room Booking Module is still not yet available for searches by hotel name. You have to search for “hotel name destination”, for example “hotel Gran Vía Madrid” to see the results of the new Hotel Search Experience by Google:


Search for your hotel in this section to see the full hotel page with Google Hotel Ads results, information about your hotel, reviews and photos of your rooms in the Room Booking Module.


Just like on mobile, you can also see the explanatory video about how to access RBM on desktop (although the launch of the new Hotel Search Experience by Google has changed a bit since the video was made).

What do you have to do to have activate RBM

If you have the Mirai booking engine, you don’t have to do a thing. If you have active campaigns in Google Hotel Ads, the Room Booking Module is already activated by default in all the available markets. We see RBM as an additional functionality which is complementary to your standard Google Hotel Ads campaigns and which has many more advantages than disadvantages.

Less competition for your website in some markets

To the pros and cons mentioned in our post, we must also add another very important advantage: right now, your direct channel may be the only advertiser in the Room Booking Module in many countries. The general resistance of some OTAs to making bookings in a Google environment and the fact that this system is new to many markets means that there are currently very few OTAs active in markets such as Spain or France, for example.


How to see your RBM reservations

RBM reservations are made in the Book on Google funnel, which means they cannot be registered in your Google Analytics account. However, you can see them all on the Mirai extranet with the google source and book_on_google_rbm medium.



If you currently invest in Google Hotel Ads, this new functionality has already been activated to show photos of your rooms in the new points of sale (including Spain).

If you do not yet invest in Google Hotel Ads, this is an excellent opportunity to try it out and prevent OTAs being the only option for booking your hotel in Google Hotel Ads. Take advantage of the fact that Mirai has one of the most comprehensive integrations with Google on the market. There are campaign systems that are based on commission and which are completely risk free, such as the Google Hotel Ads Commission Programme, an excellent way to explore potential results without any up-front investment.

If you have any questions, please contact your Mirai Account Manager to get advice on the best options for your investment.