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Mirai integrates with Veetal to help you control your parity on Google Hotel Ads

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We are still including new integrations for you to have more ways to optimise your direct sales.

This time we have integrated with Veetal, a tech solution that includes four solutions for controlling prices in one single app:

  • A user-friendly Rate Shopper to compare your prices with those of your competitive set on or Expedia. You can filter the results by occupation, adults / children, board type, cancellation policy, GENIUS offers, etc., and also cross-reference them with availability.

  • A Parity Checker that allows you to control disparities with the OTA’s and Metasearch engines on Google Hotel Ads, providing you with a screenshot containing all the information and helping you with the actions you carry out to solve these issues.

  • A Reputation Monitor to keep an eye on your latest comments and reviews on social networks.

  • Veetal Assistant, an assistant that does not only capture data but also reviews and orders them and proactively presents you with the most relevant conclusions. You can set your own parameters to better align it with your strategy. This will clearly save your team a lot of time and help speed up the decision-making process.

How much does it cost?

Mirar clients get a free 60-day trial period, during which time you can test the tool without any obligation whatsoever. You can then continue using the tool for the special price of €39/month instead of the Premium version’s usual €49/month. Chains can also benefit from an extra 25% discount if they use it for more than four hotels.

You can read all the pricing information here.

Is this offer available for Mirai Metasearch clients?

Yes, our Mirai Metasearch clients can also benefit from this integration and, of course, from the special prices for Mirai clients.

I’m interested. What do I have to do?

To sign up you can register by filling in the form you will find here. As usual, your account manager can answer your questions and put you in contact with Veetal.

Chatbot integration available to Mirai Metasearch clients

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Some years ago, we added chatbot integration to the many features offered by our booking engine. This tool helps automate and improve customer service on your website by answering users’ questions quickly and efficiently

All the chatbots that can be integrated with Mirai are now also available to Mirai Metasearch clients, so they can offer booking quotes to users who visit their websites.

Chatbots integrated with Mirai

 Booking quotes

One of the greatest features of chatbots is their ability to offer booking quotes in real time. To that end, they have to be integrated with the booking engine, to which the requests are forwarded. This makes them an interesting tool for boosting your direct channel. These requests include a lot of information, such as dates of stay, occupancy, room type and selected rate.

chatbots integration - Mirai 2

The booking feature is especially useful for clients browsing on their mobile devices, where chatbot interaction is highest.

What’s more, if you offer different rates per market or have exclusive offers for mobile devices, our integration makes it easy to distinguish these rates and make the quotes match the prices offered on your booking engine.

Chatbots integrated with Mirai

We can currently integrate the following chatbots: HiJiffy, Booklyng, Asksuite (the first 50 Mirai clients will get a 3-months free trial, and will be exempt from the technology implementation fee) and Quicktext (the Freemium version of which is free for Mirai clients forever). We are working towards and open to integrating other chatbots available on the market.
If you have any questions, contact your Mirai account manager and we will help answer them.