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Mirai BI: compare with 2021, 2020 or 2019… you choose 

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In 2020 we launched our BI tool, a qualitative leap forward in the way we present you with your data, and we’ve since been constantly adding more data and features to it.

Last year, when we started to look at the standard comparison with the previous year (2020), we realised that it was far from adequate, as said year had been something of a rollercoaster due to the coronavirus pandemic. That is why we decided to change our system and make the default comparison be with the data from 2 years ago, i.e., 2019, a “normal” year.

It has now been two years since Covid-19 first hit Europe, bringing mass cancellations in its wake, which makes it impossible to carry out a proper comparison in the light of year -2. That is why we went ahead of the curve and launched a substantial improvement to our system that allows you to choose how to compare your current data: you can now easily choose whether to compare your data with that of last year (-1), 2 years ago (-2) or 3 years ago, which today would be 2019 (2022-3 = 2019).

comparative year Mirai BI

The reason we wanted to offer these possibilities (a technical challenge, by the way) was to be able to cover the entire range of hotel casuistry we had detected. There are hotels that clearly want to compare their numbers with those of the last “normal” year, 2019, but there are also others that believe there are no more normal years and that, if this is to be the new normal, they prefer to use 2021 as their base year.

How do we tackle this from Mirai?

We have opted for a simple and cross-sectional solution, adding a selector in the home page of our BI so that with just one click you can choose the year to which you want to compare your data and quickly see how the comparative metrics (YoY) and the graphs showing “Last Year” change. Once you decide which year you want to compare your data with, the rest of the report will adapt accordingly. You can go back to the home page and change the selected parameter at any time.

By default, we will leave the “Compare Year” selector set to -1, i.e., last year (now 2021), which is the classical way to compare data:

compare year 1 Mirai BI

But if you want to see how you are doing compared to two years ago (now it would be 2020), select -2:

compare year 2 Mirai BI

And if you prefer to compare with 2019, choose -3 in the selector:

compare year 3 Mirai BI

Our BI tool is one of the first to allow you this type of “on-demand” data analysis. If you are a data lover, you will certainly appreciate this new flexibility when making comparisons.

Make more confident decisions backed by your direct sales data analyses using our BI tool:

If you do not use our BI when using our booking engine, that means you have not yet had the time to properly explore the tool and get the most out of it. We highly recommend you do so. If you have any questions or need Mirai to explain how to do anything, please contact your account manager.