Booking engine: easy, secure and multi-device

New Mirai booking engine

We present our new booking engine full of exciting details, functionality and new features. This is accompanied by a modern look and feel and simple, user-friendly functionality to drive the optimisation of conversion rates. Would you like to learn more? Discover the desktop version and  mobile version.


Easy, intuitive, usable

A process with a minimum of steps and complications so as not to lose reservations due to unnecessary obstacles.


Desktop, tablet or mobile. Screen size doesn’t matter. Our system is conceived for any device.

Constant updates

Our booking engine evolves in step with your needs. We regularly add new functionalities and improvements with no extra cost.

Styles that you can personalise

Your colours, your font, your style. Our booking engine adapts to your website’s general appearance so that your image is naturally portrayed.


Flexibility of prices, conditions, restrictions…

You decide what and how to sell: room, rate, etc. You can modify, as much as you want, conditions, price and these restrictions: closed for arrivals, closed for departures, release, minimum stay per arrival or minimum stay per stay.

Urban and vacation

We consider all the possibilities: adults or children of different ages? Do you only offer breakfast or is important for you to cater for different meals and diets? Do you apply fixed increments for short stay? Do you sell multiple packages? Are you Adults Only?…
More on desktop version

Promotional code system

You can create and distribute codes assigning them different conditions so that they are reserved through your website. No one else will see them and they will be the basis for your loyalty system for regular customers.

Private access for agents/companies

Retail agencies, companies, event organisers… Redirect all these contributors to your website. They can then enter a code and access their specific non-public conditions. Exclusive rates, commissions, negotiated form of payment, general discounts… Everything you give them in private, they will be able to find on your website.

Reports and statistics

You will receive a monthly report that reflects in updated form your hotel’s performance. In the extranet, you have sales and demand statistics available so you can analyse reservations and make decisions about revenue management.


Thanks to integration with Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Google Tag Manager you will be able to analyse your users’ behaviour when they are navigating your website. This information will guide you when you have to make important decisions that will help you in your website’s final conversion.

Intelligent for the user

This variety of options does not translate into a bigger complexity for the user. For example – we don’t show suitable offers if there are better ones available; if an offer is not available every day of a query, it is completed with another offer, which allows for a lower price (rate mixing).


Increase the average value of your orders

Offers and packages

Mirai’s system of offers and packages is the backbone of our reservation engine. For this reason, we offer infinite configuration options: price calculation, conditions, appealing visibility or flexibility. We allow so much content to be available, that you will have a whole range of offers at your disposal for your website.

UPSELLING: System of extras

This gives you a more complete service at the same time as you increase the average value of your orders offering extras with every reservation: upgrade, hotel services (catering, spa…), late departure, fruit baskets.

CROSSELLING: Complete your offer

Benefit from synergies and offer external service extras. Transfers, excursions, experiences, bike rental… You can also receive/send reservations to and from other associated hotels when there is no availability.


Languages available

Mirai’s extranet works in different languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Catalan.

Multi-currency and multi-tax

Configurable rates, included or not, depending on the country where your hotel operates: VAT, tourist rates for various calculations…


Mirai Hotelier

This app is for Android and iOS and it allows you to receive instant updates of reservations made or notices of your hotel being full. You can learn all this at a click.

Mirai Disparity Alert

Keep your disparities at bay with Mirai Disparity Alert. This app for Android and iOS will inform you of disparities in your prices from the OTAs at the moment they are happening. We monitor in all three main markets the prices of the two main OTAs.