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As a Mirai client, enjoy the Quicktext Freemium chatbot for free, forever

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Quicktext has chosen Mirai as one of their most trusted partners for the launch of their Freemium product. Your trust in Mirai is not without reward. You can now use the Quicktext Freemium chatbot for free – forever. 


What is Quicktext Freemium?

A powerful chatbot you can incorporate into your website to automatically send instant, accurate answers to up to 20 of your clients’ questions, thus easing up some of the workload of your reception or customer service teams. Said questions cover the following subjects:

  • Regular consultations such as check-in and check-out hours, whether pets are welcome, how to contact the hotel or questions about the rooms.
  • Questions about the coronavirus: opening dates, hygiene measures or sustainable development measures.
  • Information about breakfast, opening hours and prices.
  • How to get to the hotel (by public or private transport) and whether the hotel has a car park and, if so, how much does it cost.
  • Calculate booking quotes in real time as well as cancel existing bookings.

For free?

Yes, it’s for free and always will be. 

What is the catch?

We asked ourselves that very same questions, but there is no catch and no strings attached. We asked Benjamin Devisme, founder of Quicktext, and he replied: “Artificial intelligence is a huge opportunity for our sector, especially during these trying times. Large and small hotel owners alike should be able to take advantage of this technology.” 

 What does the Freemium version include?

Quicktext Freemium is a chatbot that appears on your website to answer the most important queries for which your clients need immediate answers.

The Premium version adds an enhanced level of service and automation, offering clients information about more complex subjects, in a wider range of languages and through more mediums (WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, Booking.com, Google, etc.). 

You can find more information and a list of differences between Freemium and Premium by clicking here

Why Mirai and not others?

Quicktext has chosen a small number of partners or friends for the launch of their Freemium version. According to Benjamin Devisme, “Mirai is highly committed to leading hotels to success and [they] value helping projects such as our Freemium version to succeed because they are good for hotels.” At Mirai, we are proud to belong to this select group of friends and to offer our clients this unique opportunity.

According to Pablo Delgado, Mirai’s CEO, “Customer service must always be a distinguishing value for hotels and their direct sales channels, more so during these times. A chatbot that responds instantly and accurately to a client’s many questions is extremely helpful, especially if it can offer quotes in real time. Mirai is working to incorporate the best chatbots so that our clients can choose the one that best suits their needs. Quicktext’s Freemium option is highly relevant and sends a clear message of support and trust to the hotel industry in these trying times. We are delighted to be able to offer this service to our clients and this way show our appreciation for the trust they have placed in Mirai.”

I am a Mirai Metasearch client. Can I benefit from this offer?

Yes, you can. This offer is valid for clients who use Mirai as a booking engine and for clients who use Mirai Metasearch for metasearch engine connectivity.

How does Quicktext offer quotes in real time?

Thanks to its incorporation into Mirai, your Freemium chatbot will be able to send clients quotes from your booking engine in real time. This has the following advantages:

  • It consults the requested occupancy, distinguishing between adults and children (a key factor in holiday hotels).
  • It presents all available results and includes photos of the rooms, which encourages upselling.
  • It is compatible with your pricing per market or device strategy if you offer different rates for them.
  • It redirects users to the booking engine with the following fields automatically filled in: dates, occupancy, room type and chosen rate.
  • It is available for the desktop and mobile versions of your website.


I’m interested. What do I have to do?

  1. Sign up by filling in the Quicktext Freemium form and select “Mirai” in the field: “How did you hear about our Freemium offer?”
  2. Quicktext will take care of everything and will send you a form for you to answer the chatbot questions. You’ll have 10 days to answer back.
  3. Quicktext will send you instructions by email about what to incorporate into your website.
  4. If we handle your website at Mirai, forward this email to us and we will take care of everything from here. If your website is handled by another company, send them the instructions that Quicktext sent to you so that they can incorporate it into your website.

Due to the current situation and the large number of requests we expect to receive, we only ask for a little patience if we do not answer right away. Remember, this product will last a lifetime; the wait will surely be worth it 😉

If you have any questions, contact your Mirai account manager and we will help answer them.