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Mirai integrates with Optimand to display direct sales together with destination demand and pricing trends

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Being aware of data on market demand is very important for you as a hotelier, allowing you to get a better understanding of your markets, adjust your strategy, make better decisions and optimize your sales.

mirai integration optimand

Optimand combines business intelligence, real-time demand, competitor analysis and conversion tools to empower you in making informed decisions and improving hotel profitability.

The system’s unique algorithms are able to manage and distribute opaque rates and packages only to selected target audiences.

The integration between Optimand and Mirai gives you access to your website data together with your overall revenue and marketing performance. 

mirai integration optimand

The Optimand system has various modules:

  • Hotel Web Analytics, which shows you live data on future demand and website conversion rates for your properties and your destination.
  • A Rate Shopper to monitor your competitors’ rates in real time, allowing an in-depth analysis by room type and in several points of sale, with detailed information on rates, reviews, historical data and pricing trends.

How does it work?

Optimand is very easy to implement, and it can be integrated with any hotel website by simply adding a code, the tool can be live in just a few hours for a free trial.

Optimand can also be connected to PMS providers (Opera PMS, Mews, Infor and Protel) to gather all necessary information, all shown on one single easy-to-use dashboard.

At no extra cost

Mirai does not charge any extra cost for the connection with Optimand and you can get all the benefits of this integration right now.

I’m interested. How can I get it set up?

Get in touch with Optimand to learn more about its system and get access to the integration with Mirai.