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A further step towards Mirai-Affilired integration: validate your bookings automatically

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Mirai’s commitment to everything that can help you improve your operations, reduce errors and save time means we are always keen to integrate with third-party systems.

affilired integration mirai

Our integration with Affilired, a digital company specialising in generating direct sales on commission for tourism sector businesses, is nothing new. In fact, we have been connected for more than 10 years, the objective being that when you work with our engine and Affilired manages your Digital Marketing campaigns, you can track your website bookings.

Thanks to our API connection, we are now taking a further step in this integration by making it possible to synchronize sales information between both systems, thereby saving you a task that is as necessary as it is monotonous, repetitive and boring, i.e. the scoring or validation of your bookings status. Data gathered by Affilired from the Mirai system will allow you to know whether each booking is effective, cancelled, or modified, thereby saving you the effort, reducing your workload, and allowing you to continue improving your direct sales.  

To start benefiting from this integration, contact your Affilired account manager, who will implement it quickly and at no extra cost.