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Mirai integrates with Asksuite

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Hotels with either Mirai booking engine or Mirai Metasearch platform can now use Asksuite to help improve communication with potential customers and enhance direct bookings and upselling. Asksuite  won the world’s Best Live Chat & Chatbot Tool in Hotel Tech Awards 2020. The reservation messaging platform is integrated in Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Website Chat and email. 

mirai asksuite

Chatbots have a lot of potential in the hotel industry and many hotels count with one in their websites and social media. They provide a simple way of improving our customer service and capturing some of the leads and sales that we may previously have lost.

Why Asksuite?

Asksuite is fully focused on increasing direct bookings through messaging, artificial intelligence and their own Conversational Marketing Methodology.

  • Customise your questions and answers the way you want from their extranet.
  • Available in more than 25 languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Chinese and many more.
  • Control all the communication from its omnichannel dashboard that lets you follow up travelers’ messages across all channels also with human touch.
  • Compatible with GDRP.
  • Artificial intelligence with 4 natural language processing logics. Autonomy to train AI understanding on your own.
  • Searching across different properties for hotel chains.
  • Real-time price quote from Mirai Booking Engine, a key feature and must-have today. Connecting seamlessly the chatbot with your booking engine allow you to:
    • Be consistent in your offering with exactly the same information (photos, descriptions and prices) than you have in the booking engine.
    • Allow your clients to customize their specific occupation (adults, children and their ages) and dates.
    • Not only show the cheapest room, but all the available ones that will help you upsell the most expensive ones.
    • Do you use promo codes? not a problem. Your clients will be able to use them and track revenue generated. 
    • Differentiate prices depending on the customer’s country location and/or device if this type of pricing policy is used by the hotel.
    • Redirecting your clients to your booking engine with everything already filled up providing a great and simple experience.

asksuite chatbot integrated with Mirai's Booking Engine

  • Asksuite also compares your direct price with the one in the OTAs sending your clients a strong message that booking direct is always best.

book direct message

  • Offer alternative dates when the selected dates are not available. And when the customer does not have the flexibility of another date, the chatbot forms a Waiting List with qualified leads to use in case of cancellation.

alternative dates - Asksuite chatbot - Mirai Booking Engine

I’m interested. What do I have to do?

Contact your account manager for a little more advice and an explanation of the next steps. Your account manager will provide you with the contacts in Asksuite. If your website is managed by Mirai, we will take care of the entire implementation. As always, all at no charge by Mirai. Asksuite obviously charges its own rates, and they will be explained to you by the Asksuite team.

Special condition for Mirai clients

We are glad to inform the following special conditions for our clients

  • Those who are still closed can request a free deployment to Asksuite until the reopening to be able to capture leads, and provide efficient customer service 24/7.
  • If you are open, the first 50 Mirai clients will get a 3-months free trial, and will be exempt from the technology implementation fee.