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New features in Mirai extranet to make the most of it

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At Mirai, our aim is to constantly evolve and to make your everyday tasks easier, and that’s why we have added several improvements to the extranet, which we are sure will help you to manage your reservations:

1.- We have modified the booking search screen in the extranet, adding filters to search for contact centre bookings only.

contact centre bookings

2.- New “channelsource” field: many hotels/chains want to measure their direct sales by dividing them into segments or channels such as companies, agencies, contact centre and other (“web” in general). This field captures the different combinations. It will also be sent to BI in the near future.

3.- RatePlanCodes: you can now download your RatePlanCode in Excel format, with all codes, so that it can be mapped to your channel and/or PMS. This can be found in the “rates” section. 

rateplancodes mirai

4.- In the booking details, you can now check which extranet user has modified a reservation, by using the “Modified By” field, and the date. Only the last modification is saved.

user modified reservation mirai

5.- We have added information to the reservation list that you can download from the extranet (access from the “Reservations” section). We have added the following columns:

Customer contact telephone number

Information about the upselling of your rooms

Payment type and method:

– Payment type, differentiating between prepaid, direct at check-in, direct at check-out, special agreement, deferred payment (only with Addon Payments), other.

– Payment method, either POS, card, transfer, Amazon Pay, Criptan, etc. You can see the payment platforms supported by Mirai here.

– The amount prepaid by POS (only in those cases where this is the payment method).

Who has modified the reservation and when

6.- Now, when you consult your bookings through a search, the status column provides additional information (unchecked, successful, cancelled, etc.).

additional information mirai

Access the extranet at https://www.mirai.com/home/ (‘Hotel Access’) and, if you have any questions, please contact your account manager.