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Mirai engine now supports more complex taxes

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Different destinations require different taxes, fees and charges. For more flexibility, we have just improved how our booking reservation system handles them. Let’s take a look at what it allows the hotel to do and how it shows it to the customer .

All official tax names are now possible

From now on, our system can display any current tax name, as long as it is an official name (a Municipality fee, a generic “Tax”…) and it is quoted as a percentage.

More than one tax? No problem

Some destinations require several taxes. This is now possible in our booking engine.

Cumulative: tax on tax

Not only can there be several taxes, but some taxes or fees can be calculated on a base that includes other taxes. For example, VAT can also be calculated on the service fee.

Tourist taxes and resort fees

In addition to the usual taxes, which are expressed as percentages, our system allows for a special group of taxes: local taxes and resort fees, which are usually an absolute value, per room or per person. These are usually always paid at the hotel, although the engine must display them.

Show taxes included or not, depending on the user’s country

In the first steps of the reservation, certain destinations usually show the final price, taxes included, and other destinations the opposite. With Mirai, the hotel has total freedom to decide how to show it according to the country the user is in.

Everything well detailed during the booking process

In our engine, whenever a price is displayed, there is an indication of taxes and fees.

taxes and fees well indicated mirai

taxes detailed mirai

With details of when to pay what

In case of partial prepayment, the user is informed. Even in case of full prepayment, local taxes are shown as unpaid, as they are paid at the hotel.

detailed tax payment mirai

Your tax settings must be configured by your account managers at Mirai. Contact them to request this or if you have any questions.