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You can now use Bing Hotel Price Ads with Mirai

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From today, Mirai is adding to its many metasearch engine connections Bing Hotel Price Ads, Bing’s metasearch engine designed to help hotels increase direct sales and visibility on Bing. Like other metasearch engines, Bing Hotel Price Ads compares prices between a hotel’s official website and other distribution channels, such as OTAs. It is therefore an opportunity to gain visibility and recover sales that are currently made by the OTAs for the sole reason that they are bidding on your hotel in the metasearch engines (with your money).

Mirai metaserach dashboard Microsoft Bing Hotel Price Ads

There are therefore many reasons to use Bing Hotel Price Ads, especially for hotels in the US, UK and Canada, followed by the rest of Europe. Remember that for now the competition is manageable and bids are therefore lower than in Google Hotel Ads. In this post we have collected together everything you need to know about this new shop window for your direct sales.

You don’t even have to worry about a thing because Mirai will take care of everything: we do the integration for you and manage the bids. Over the next few weeks, you will be able to see all the results in our Mirai Metasearch dashboard and receive monthly reports with the results for each metasearch engine where you are investing.

If you would like to activate Bing Hotel Ads, please contact your account manager.