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You can now add multiple banners to your booking confirmation and reminder emails

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Hotels often have to inform guests who have confirmed bookings and are about to arrive about all kinds of options, activities or rules of the hotel. The perfect way to do this is through the emails that guests receive confirming their booking or the ones reminding them of their stay a few days before arrival.

Now you can add up to five banners to those emails. They are images that can be sorted by language and can link to any site you choose providing more information.

Email Banners Mirai

For instance, you can use them for:

  • Promoting the hotel’s services and facilities.
  • Providing information about the hotel’s anti-Covid measures, etc.
  • Providing additional information about the hotel that might be of interest to guests who are about to arrive: how to reach the hotel, whether the restaurant requires a reservation, activities, transfers, etc.

How it works

Contact your Mirai account manager to add these banners. Your account manager will answer any questions you may have and, as soon as you have the banners ready, will upload them so they can be sent right away.