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Five usability improvements to our engine

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At Mirai we are committed to the continuous improvement of our booking engine. One example of this are these five changes, which will make the booking results easier to read for your clients during the process.

1. We added a room description in the desktop engine, as visible result.


2. We added arrows to the photo carousel in the mobile engine: both in ‘results’ and in the ‘room details’.


3. We made it easier, by removing a non-clickable icon, both in desktop and mobile, that could have created confusion.


4. In mobile, we now use the text “Rate details”, instead of the + sign icon. This improvement, as the previous one, seeks to make the information signaling coherent.

Rate Details

5. In mobile, the room name is now fixed at the top when scrolling down. Instead of losing sight of it, the user can now see what room category the shown fees belong to. There may be several fees and the price range may be quite wide.

Room Name