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We improve internationalisation of our booking engine by rounding and standardising currency and price formats

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Boosting the sales of your official website in international markets is always a challenge. At Mirai, we keep improving how our booking engine handles international users.

Less noise: rounding by removing decimals

Mirai rounding

More conversion: decimals add very little value in the initial steps of a query, when users are browsing and getting a general idea of prices. Instead, they fill with visual noise those screens that are already crammed with a lot of content, which the user has to interpret with a lot of effort in some cases. The less unnecessary content, the easier it is to book. The less density, the more agility.

Industry standard: the OTAs have measured it and learned it well. All of them, and many e-commerce sites in general, have removed decimals from reference prices. The clarity and lightness gained compensates for the slight inaccuracy.

Only in the “big” prices of the first steps. Like OTAs, we only round up on the first steps and on the largest and most visible prices. Rounding is not applied in rate details, daily breakdowns and especially in the final step and in booking confirmations. In no case does the final price applied vary.

This is how it works: as is standard, by removing decimals up to 49 cents we do not alter the unit. Between 50 and 99, we round it up.

Mirai rounding how works

We standardise currency formats and thousands and decimal separators

Currency: there are several possibilities to display the currency of the prices, e.g. USD, $ or US$. It can also be placed before or after the rate, with or without space separation. Different countries and languages have different customs.

Thousand and decimal separators: Different languages and countries use different ways of separating thousands and decimals. Sometimes it is a comma, sometimes a full stop, sometimes even a half-space. For instance:

4,914.00 € in Mexican Spanish

4.914,00 € in Spanish from Spain

4 914,00 € in French

€ 4,914.00  in English

Fixed: in both currency and numbers, we have tidied up all prices handled by the Mirai booking engine, using an international standard for each country and language. Specifically, it is the same as Google’s.

If you have any questions, as always, your account manager can help you.